Are You Able to Get the Love You Want Without Compromising Your Needs?

We're here to show you how you can transform your relationships with men by setting clear loving boundaries.

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Boundaries for Beautiful Relationships will transform your life...


You'll gain clarity about red flags, and know the moment he's crossed a boundary. And you'll have the tools to address the issue right away---calmly, kindly, and in a way he can hear!


When you're triggered, it's hard to think rationally. Our 'BOUNDARIES IN YOUR BACK POCKET' short scripts will help prepare you for any situation that might come up in dating or relationships. 


You'll define exactly what you need and want to live your best life, and you'll discover the best way to express those needs to the men you date---without feeling needy, whiny, or bitchy.


The combination of a dating coach and a martial arts expert, Sandy and Theresa bring a unique comprehensive approach to boundaries. They cover all aspects of the why, when, where, and how to set boundaries, so you can have the most beautiful, healthy, loving relationships!

Here's What You'll Learn

4 Video Modules that will help you become a boundary ninja!
Module 1: Why set boundaries?

Duration: 1 h  

  • Discover what boundaries are (and aren’t), and what they look like in YOUR life.

  • Learn from actual case studies filled with practical knowledge & tips on how boundaries can keep us safe and sane.

  • Define toxic relationships and how to best deal with them.

Module 2: Defining Your Personal Boundaries

Duration: 1 h  

  • Learn how to identify your feelings and needs so you can take exquisite care of yourself BEFORE entering a relationship.

  • Practice identifying what’s going on for you and decipher your Inner Warrior Code.

  • Uncover your unique set of values, and how you can use them to create the boundaries you set.

Module 3: Setting Boundaries with Others

Duration: 1 h

  • Recognize triggers: what happens when your boundaries are crossed or you're disappointed, and how to handle it with grace.

  • Learn to say “no” in a way that doesn’t mean you’re shutting a person down or rejecting them. 

  • A step-by-step easy framework for setting boundaries, for those times you know you’ll be in challenging situations.

  • Understanding The Drama Triangle and Triangulation.

  • How to deal with Family Boundary issues.
Module 4: Boundary Challenges

Duration: 1 h  

  • Quickly recognize red flags and cure 'Red Flag Blindness'!

  • Deal with safety issues that come up in dating.

  • Notice when something makes you uncomfortable, and learn how to express your discomfort with grace. 

  • Get scripts on how to handle dicey situations whenever they pop up.

Course Dates

You'll receive video course modules on Sundays at 6 PM Eastern on July 9, 16, 23, and 30. You can join anytime, and watch the videos and complete homework at your leisure.

Live Q & A Calls

Your Q & A calls will be on Mondays at  8 PM Eastern on July 17, 24, 31 and August 7. All calls are recorded. You can ask questions live, or submit questions in advance and listen to the replays.
Meet Your Hosts!

Sandy Weiner is the Chief Love Officer at 

She is devoted to helping women over 40 attract and sustain healthy, toe-curling, off-the-charts love. She's an internationally know TEDx speaker, an author and radio host. 

Sandy specializes in helping women communicate effectively, set clear boundaries in relationships, and know their true worth. She believes a woman of value attracts her best partner.

She has contributed hundreds of articles to prestigious publications including Mind Body Green, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and The Good Men Project. She's also the host of Last First Date Radio, an acclaimed show about attracting and sustaining healthy relationships in midlife. Sandy wants you to go on YOUR LAST FIRST DATE!

Theresa Byrne has been training and teaching martial arts and defense for over 20 years!

She’s a 4th degree Black Belt Master Instructor and owner of a martial arts studio in Denver CO. She’s also a certified Anger Management Educator, Adrenal Stress Training Coach, fitness professional and massage therapist with a background in several healing modalities. 

She’s filmed documentaries, fought in a movie, and been the co-host/expert on several TV series teaching audiences new ways to understand their abilities to get out of uncomfortable situations and learn how to set boundaries. 

Episodes and shows can be found on networks like ABC Family and SPIKE TV.

Theresa has become a leading authority on self-defense, personal power and also a Master Boundary Setting Educator. 

This done-for-you system will help you easily create the beautiful RESPECTFUL relationships you have always wanted.

You’ll get four modules jam-packed with information, case studies, and practical training that you can use IRL (in real life) immediately. Once you sign up you’ll get instant access to the free bonuses and The “Are You a Boundary Ninja?” Questionnaire to help you uncover any areas you might not be aware of yet.

Each class comes with a full resource bundle to assist you on your journey. This includes PDF summaries, checklists, scripts, exercises, homework, and audio files along with the video lessons for each module.

This is a full length in-depth course that would take you years (and lots of hard work) to learn on your own, or thousands of dollars to hire us. We’re offering it all to you in this easy-to-use, streamlined format FOR THE FIRST TIME here.

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Most Flexible

4 payments of $127

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Single payment of $397

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What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"You helped me not only wrap my head around what I was feeling and what I wanted to say, you helped me figure out how to say it!" 

“I can’t thank you enough, Theresa! I was so stressed out - having a tough conversation with my boyfriend almost made me want to avoid it altogether…but through your training, I knew I had to talk about what was bothering me. I’m so glad I did! It turned out better than I ever could’ve expected! You helped me not only wrap my head around what I was feeling and what I wanted to say, you helped me figure out how to say it! I really like this guy - I’m so glad I didn’t shut down, THANK YOU!” 

- Elle Hamilton
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I wanted to finally break my pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men."

“I wanted to finally break my pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men. Through our work, I gained the confidence to be my true self when communicating with and meeting men. I am now in a wonderful relationship with a really good man. I believe he’s in my life, because Sandy helped me step out of my comfort zone, speak up as a woman of value, and attract a man with the qualities I want and need in a relationship. Thank you Sandy!”

– Leslie B.
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Now I’m dating a great man who not only respects what I want, he ASKS me if I’m getting my needs met! I had no idea that was possible!"

“I had no idea learning boundaries was as important as they are - no idea. After taking your training I realized many of the issues in my past relationships were because I didn’t know how to speak up for myself and I thought ‘being kind’ meant being a doormat. Theresa, you’ve shown me the light! Now I’m dating a great man who not only respects what I want, he ASKS me if I’m getting my needs met! I had no idea that was possible!” 

- S.C. Knight

Is this Course Right for You?


  • You're a woman over 40, and you're done playing games in dating and waiting for the damn phone to ring!
  • You're ready to be an equal partner in setting the pace of your relationships, instead of letting the guy determine how fast things go.
  • You're ready to find a wonderful guy, and you're not sure if that amazing guy you met online has potential for the long term.
  • You want to understand how to easily and gracefully ask for what you want in your relationships.
  • You're ready to be yourself and honor what you need in dating and relationships.


  • You're happy with the status quo in your relationships, and you don't want things to change.
  • You believe that MEN are the problem in all your relationships.
  • You believe things 'are the way they are' with men, and you just need to learn to accept that. 
  • You think red flags aren't real, and people should stop being all drama queen about a few bad habits.
  • You believe if you set boundaries, it will create drama, and it's not worth it.
  • You think it's mean to set boundaries, so it's better to just stuff it and stay quiet.
Create beautiful boundaries...or get your money back!

Try this online course risk free for 7 days, and if you listen to the module and the Q & A session, do the homework, and do not begin to learn how to set clear loving boundaries, just send us a message and we'll refund your money.

Bonus Section

{Because We Love to Over Deliver!}

Access to a private Facebook Group

You'll have VIP access to the private Boundaries for Beautiful Relationships Facebook Group. Connect with other women over 40 who want to take back control of their lives by setting firm and loving boundaries. There's nothing like community to hold you up when you need support, and cheer you on when you have success. And your instructors, Theresa and Sandy, will also be there for extra support between lessons!


Office Hours = weekly Q & A call

Join us for a weekly Q & A call to answer any of your burning questions, or help you work through any particular boundary dilemma that you may encounter during our time together. (All calls are recorded, so if you can't make it, submit questions in advance and listen to the recording.)


Free Bonus Report: 5 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries in Dating

This comprehensive guide by Sandy Weiner will help you determine how to set healthy boundaries on your journey to finding your LAST FIRST DATE!


Free E-Book: How to Be a Woman of Value & Attract Your Best Partner

This ebook by Sandy Weiner give you 30 tips laid out in a stunning presentation to remind you how to become a Woman of Value, live your most vibrant life, and attract the man of your dreams!


Free Guided Meditation: Higher Self Clearing Meditation

This beautiful guided meditation by Theresa Byrne will help you connect to your core essence, your highest self. This tool is essential to increasing your self worth, which is a cornerstone to creating the healthy loving relationships you deserve.

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Most Flexible

4 payments of $127

Best Value

Single payment of $397

(Save over $100!)


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