Boundaries: How to Handle Toxic Family Members

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toxic family members 

In this week’s video, we’re talking about how to set boundaries with toxic family members. If you have a family member who steps on your boundaries, you must watch this!

Have you ever felt all zen and in a really grounded place? Then you spend time with your family. Within minutes, you feel all that calmness slipping away. There’s a great quote from Ram Dass, “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family!” This video from our boundaries series is about how to handle Toxic Family Members.

Why is this important? Because we can’t choose our families, but we CAN choose how to set boundaries with them to protect ourselves from emotional pain.

How to Handle Toxic Family Members

Most of my clients learned unhealthy patterns in dating from their toxic family members. That’s the first thing we talk about when we begin the coaching process. When we can identify the origins of our unhealthy relationship patterns, we can begin to change them and stop repeating what’s been modeled for us.

Why is it usually harder to deal with toxic family members than people in other parts of our lives?

With toxic friends or romantic partners, we can walk away. With family, it’s not so easy to just leave, although in extreme cases, that’s your best recourse. We see family during holidays, celebrations, funerals..And if we don’t deal with family issues in a healthy way, they take their toll on us.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to deal with toxic family members.

And don’t forget to download our weekly cheat sheet, “Breaking the Toxic Family Cycle”—what to do when your family drives you crazy!



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