Build a Lasting Connection with These 6 First Date Ideas

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first date ideasFirst dates are always a source of nerves. Where are we going? What are we doing? What if we run out of things to talk about? The best way to find a strong connection with another person is to be yourself. Don’t let first date jitters overtake you. Go into a date with a positive attitude and chose something nontraditional to get the relationship started. Enjoying a lively environment can be more conducive to building connections than going to a restaurant and chatting over dinner. Instead, immerse yourself in an environment that inspires conversation, fun and laughter.

6 First Date Ideas


For Culture Seekers

Go to a dance class. You’ll learn a lot about your partner by the way they react to an unfamiliar situation. It will also offer an opportunity to build trust in your partner and see more of their character. Can he laugh at himself? Is she patient? Is he willing to try new things? Dance class is a fun, active date that you’ll remember.

Visit a museum. Find out what local museums are in your area and go explore. It can be fun to try something new. Whether you’re looking at art, science or history, exploring a museum is a good way to get to know somebody. You’ll be able to talk about whatever you are viewing and will learn about each other’s interests. Walking around an art museum can be a quiet romantic place to be with one another.

For the Young at Heart

See an improv show. You’ll be able to go out with your sweetie, have a few laughs and spend more time together. The relaxed, light-hearted environment of a comedy show will loosen you up and take away any nerves. Improv shows often involve audience participation as well, which can add an interactive element to your date. You can talk about the show afterwards, get dinner or drinks and get the date going in a positive direction.

Go for a motorcycle ride. It can be an exhilarating, exciting activity to get you close and connecting. Get some adrenaline pumping and learn to trust your partner whether you drive the motorcycle or you’re the passenger. You can take a motorcycle on a scenic route and end in a destination for dinner or drinks. A motorcycle ride can be fun and romantic. If you do decide to go on a motorcycle ride, you’ll want to look the part. Get outfitted with a sleek jacket and some riding boots. This is also a great date idea if you know your partner is interested in motorcycles—you’ll be showing an interest in something they enjoy and going on a fun date.

For Foodies

Plan a picnic. This is a great date idea that you can do in the morning, daytime or evening. Go to a local park in your area and enjoy each other’s company. You can also go to a local cafe, bistro or shop to pick out food you would like to bring. Spread out a blanket in the sunshine and get to know one another. Relaxing outdoors will make you both comfortable.

Cook together. Find a class in your area or cook at home. Invite your partner over and prepare a romantic dinner together. Talk about it ahead of time and decide what you want to cook. You can do it a lot of different ways. Show one another how to make one of your favorite foods—one of you can chose desert, the other can chose dinner and you can cook them both together. Cooking together is a great way to learn together and interact in a light, fun way.


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