Building Confidence, One Lamp at a Time

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I fell in love with the copper tea-kettle based lamp many years ago. I was shopping in my local antiques shop, and I knew I had to have that lamp. In those days, I painted pretty much anything made of wood, so the wooden base and neck were delicately painted with my signature swirls and stripes of pinks, blues, and purples. I painted colorful teapots on the lampshade, and glued on the tassel fringe at the bottom and trim on top. That teakettle lamp garnered a lot of interest over the years. It certainly was unique!¬†And then the cord became frayed. The plug started to spark when I plugged it in, and I was afraid I would start a fire. So, the lamp became a piece of furniture, sitting unplugged and gathering dust for a year or so. Until…

My DIY friend, Shani, called to tell me that she had purchased two beautiful milk glass lamps on Ebay that needed rewiring. She found a Youtube video featuring a woman rewiring a lamp. “Want to rewire with me?” she asked. It had never occurred to me to rewire the lamp myself. I was going to bring it to a specialist, and I had no idea what it would cost. It took about a minute for me to agree to attempt to rewire. I am usually up for a challenge.

On Sunday, Shani and I followed the Youtube video instructions and rewired our lamps. It took me about a half hour! I was scared to plug it in, but what a feeling when the bulb lit up (and I didn’t electrocute myself!). I came home excited, adrenaline pumping through my veins. I am woman, hear me roar!

The act of doing something challenging builds confidence. After I rewired the lamp, I felt like I could conquer just about anything. I get a particular thrill from taking on typical ‘male-oriented’ challenges, such as driving a stick shift and operating power tools with ease and grace.

The number one sexiest quality in a person is self-confidence. So, get your sexy on and take on a challenge. I would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment about your biggest challenge and how you overcame it.



  1. Rewiring the lamps was total fun…Each DIY project I take on makes me feel proud of my accomplishments; they are all somehow “male-oriented”. Hanging up my peg board in my garage to showcase all my tools when I first moved in was pretty exciting and a new challenge for me (putting in spacers to allow space behind it, etc). Painting some rooms, patching the walls and molding, and most recently, figuring out how to hang up my window blinds inside-mount. That was totally awesome! So I hung them up in all my bedrooms, and then decorated them with tassels, ribbons, and fringe for a custom look. That really rocked my boat and made me feel really accomplished and completely independent.

  2. Shani,

    You are a DIY model for women! You have shown me that most jobs are not a challenge if you just break them down into steps.

    That’s a good thing to remember in times of any type of overwhelm. The right tools, a little confidence, and the willingness to learn is all it takes. How empowering (and sexy!).


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