Can Men and Women Be Friends?

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Do you think platonic relationships are possible? I thought this video captured this topic so well.

Please share your opinions below. For what it’s worth, I have not had too many true platonic male friendships. Mostly with gay men. You?



  1. These are college kids – the hormones are raging. Sadly, I’m much older than college age, but one of the good parts of bring older is that I do have several very close women friends. These are friendships I cherish.

  2. Being, not bring!

  3. Blake, you make a good point. You’re a happily married man, not a young single guy in his early twenties. It’s much easier to have a platonic relationship because of your marital status, the fact that you are happy in your marriage, and the fact that you are not in your twenties. It would be interesting to do this same study with people over fifty who have been in long term good marriages.

    Thanks for giving me a new perspective!

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