Can Social Media Ruin a Relationship?

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My podcast guest, Doctor David Simonsen, has been helping couples and families for 20 years. He understands the many challenges that arise in relationships, especially with social media issues today. He uses a humor-filled direct approach to help people become more authentic and more emotionally intimate. He’s been married 25 years, and he has seven kids to prove his approach works!

In this episode, you’ll learn how social media can ruin a relationship, how to stop that from happening, and much more.

Can Social Media Ruin a Relationship?

How did you get into this work?

Many years ago, I was a police officer. I was arresting people, and three weeks later, I’d be back at the house for a domestic abuse issue or a kid out of control. I [wanted to help prevent these types of situations]. When I stumbled upon a marriage and family therapy program, [I knew I’d found the answer], and I’ve been doing this work since then.

How should people use social media when they’re dating or in a relationship?

The role social media should play should be very little. It’s a distractor. For women it’s often a way to get attention. For men, it’s often a way to find support when they’re unhappy in a relationship. How it’s used makes it good or bad.

A couple might have secrets on social media which becomes hurtful. It’s also negative when one member of a couple spends too much time on the phone. It can be used to escape dealing with problems in a relationship.

Listen to EP 391: Dr. David Simonsen – Can Social Media Ruin a Relationship? to hear:

  • What David means by ‘Whispering’ while on the phone.
  • Why we need to pay attention to yellow flags early on.
  • What David’s wife says about social media and their relationship.
  • How people can begin to have the important conversations around social media in their relationships.

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