Can You Train a Man to Make You Happy?

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Are men like dogs? And can a woman train a man to make her happy? That’s the topic of this episode of Last First Date Radio with author, Steve Alten. 

Many women complain that they are unhappy with the way men treat them. That’s why I pose the question, can you train a man to make you happy? My radio guest, L.A. Knight (aka New York Times best selling author, Steve Alten), says yes; men are pretty simple, kind of like dogs. If you can train a dog to listen, can you train a man to listen, too?

In his new book, DOG TRAINING THE AMERICAN MALE, author, L.A. Knight hopes to entertain readers ‘while keeping the wolves at bay’. L.A.’s late father believed that laughter was the best medicine. He passed down his sense of humor and a lifetime of love and wisdom to share with the world.

While our radio interview got off to a tough start, including a caller who wanted help with her inter-species relationship with her cat (you can’t make this stuff up!), and Steve’s inability to call in for the first eleven minutes, there are some gems worth listening to. I’ve included some highlights below of our radio show, How Men and Women Think Differently in Relationships. 

Can You Train a Man to Make You Happy?

What gave you the idea to write the book? Was it based on actual events and experiences?

I have 16 published thrillers, including Meg, about a prehistoric great white shark. This is my first comedy, and since it was a completely different genre, I used a pseudonym. We had a German shepherd, and I got into a little spat with my wife of 25 years [about the dog].  I yelled at the dog, and he didn’t listen. My wife spoke to the dog, and it listened perfectly. Dogs and men are alike. We’re simple-minded creature. We both take pride in our bowel movements. Dogs howl when they’re happy, men howl when they make a basket. Men prefer to be trained because it takes the guesswork out of the relationship.

What is the “99%” that you speak about in the book, and how can using the “99 Percent” help couples have long lasting relationships?

The 99% is a belief in Kabbala that the physical world we live in that represents our reality is only 1%. The other 99% is the spiritual world. If we want to be like the creator, we have to share how we want to be treated in relationships. In the book, Jacob studied about the 99%, and it helped him become less selfish, and more selfless in his relationship with Nancy. 

Without revealing too much of the book– did your significant other practice some of the Dog Training methods on you?

I’ve tried to encourage it, but she hasn’t gone for it yet!

In Chapter 26, there’s a funny scene where Nancy is talking to herself in the mirror and she states that behavior modification takes time. In translating this to the world outside of the book, are you of the belief that you can teach people how you want to be treated in a relationship?

Having been married for 25 years, I think you can attempt it. Men can be trained because we’re simple creatures. If we want the reward, we’ll do what women want. If you tell me I need to get along with my wife for the entire day, that’s more subjective and harder. If we have to jump through hurdles, that’s where it gets complicated. 

“Sometimes it is easier for people to understand things when they can find the humor in the human behavior.”

To listen to the episode, click here.

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