Two Ways to Catch Your Date’s Attention

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Catch Your Date's Attention

Want to be noticed in the busy crowded world of online dating? You can catch your date’s attention by doing these two things.

First dates can be awkward — at least for most people. But that’s certainly not the case for everyone. You may find the occasional diamond in the rough, a person with so much self-confidence that small talk and being the most interesting person in the room seem like a breeze. Still, most people feel awkward and self-conscious on a first date, at least to some degree.

It’s natural to be nervous about the prospect of meeting someone new. But, you don’t have to be. Dating is about standing out from the crowd while still being true to yourself. From creating your online profile to going on your first date — and hopefully a second and third — there are a few easy ways to catch your date’s attention.

Two Ways to Catch Your Date’s Attention

1. In Your Online Profile

The first step is to make your profile stand out — and, like it or not, this starts with a captivating picture. While many people go straight for sexy photos (both men and women), you want your photos to say something interesting about you. Have a friend snap photos of you smiling in a variety of locations and doing activities you love.

For instance, if you love playing sports, post an action shot of you shooting hoops. If you play guitar in a band, include a shot of you on stage or practicing in your living room. After all, you’re trying to attract potential suitors who share similar interests, so be sure to also show off what makes you different from the rest.

Next comes the most dreaded part for many online daters: creating your profile essay. This can be intimidating for many people, and you don’t want it to read like a job interview. The key is to make your profile fun, honest and specific to who you are. Instead of going for something generic like, “I enjoy seeing movies and spending time with my friends,” find a way to show off your personality.

For example, you could say: “I love pop culture and try to go to at least one movie per week. My favorite types of movies are action and comedy, which is why superhero movies are the best combination! I make time to see my family and friends by hosting barbecues and pool parties and getting everyone together for dinner at the latest restaurant or for trivia nights at the local bar.”

See? It’s specific, talks about your interests and shows what kind of lifestyle you live.

2. On Your First Date

Congratulations! You’ve attracted your first date — and now it’s time to follow through on what your profile promises. Plan an activity that considers both of your interests, but take a new spin on it. For example, if you both love the outdoors, plan a date to go to your favorite fishing hole or the hiking trail you used to frequent as a kid (and make sure you’re surrounded by other people of course).

Pack a picnic lunch with some of your favorite homemade foods and drinks and all the equipment you’ll need for the day (e.g., hiking boots, water bottles, fishing rods, sunscreen, etc.). The more personal you make your date, the more you’ll have to talk about, and the more you’ll show your date who you really are.

Here’s another piece of friendly advice: Plan for the worst-case scenario. If you tend to run out of things to say, prepare some topics to discuss ahead of time. If you’re going hiking, as in the example above, you could plan to talk about why you chose that trail or the craziest mishap you’ve had in the great outdoors.

In the end, the key to catching your date’s attention is simply to be yourself. Don’t hide behind generalities or boring date ideas. Instead, show who you are and why you’re the best prospect on the dating site!


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