The Ultimate Guide to Dating With Children

Dating With Children

Dating with children can be challenging, but with the right preparation and compassionate communication, single parents can find love again.

Dating with children…You’re a single parent dating someone, and you like each other. He knows you have kids. Maybe he has kids. Once you’re exclusive, how do you navigate a budding relationship with children in the picture? In this video, I cover everything you need to know about dating with children.

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5 Signs of a Fake Apology

fake apology

When someone hurts you and offers a fake apology, it can feel worse than never apologizing at all. Here are 5 signs of a fake apology.

A fake apology can feel insincere and manipulative. Many people struggle with offering a true apology. They get defensive when you tell them your feelings are hurt. They might deny that they did anything wrong, play the victim, make excuses, or shift the blame onto someone else. In this video, you’ll learn five signs that can help you spot an insincere apology – and how to apologize in a way that repairs the relationship.

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Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

breaking the cycle of abuse

Kimberly Blackburn’s new book tells the story of breaking the cycle of abuse in her marriage. Tune in to learn how she healed.

Author Kimberly Blackburn shares her story of breaking the cycle of abuse in her new book, Dirty Love. She is working to build a community for women to better their relationships and feel supported while talking about serious issues that are still very prominent in our society. She hopes her work will inspire other women to live a more authentic life.

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Do You Give More Love Than You Get?

give more love

If you tend to give more love than you get, this video is for you. Learn how to create more balanced relationships.

There’s always give and take in a relationship. But if you give more love than you get, the relationship begins to become unbalanced. And that leads to big issues that are hard to repair. In this video, I share signs of over-giving, the consequences of giving more than you get, and how to restore balance if you give more than you get in relationships.

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Why Is it So Hard to Find the Right Guy?

find the right guy

Cynthia wonders, “Why is it so hard to find the right guy?” It’s not what you might think. Listen to this episode to hear me coach her.

In this episode, I coach Cynthia, a 52-year-old divorced woman who wonders if she’ll ever find the right guy. She has been in several relationships since her divorce, staying too long with men who are missing some of her must-haves, and she is concerned that she’ll never find the right partner. If you’ve ever stayed too long with the wrong partners or worried that you won’t find the right partner for you, listen to this episode!

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Are You Codependent?

are you codependent

Are you codependent? In this video, I define codependency behaviors and how they show up in dating and relationships.

Are you codependent? When dating or in a relationship, do you tend to put a man’s needs before your own? Do you lose a sense of self? If so, you may be behaving in codependent ways. In this video, I reveal the signs of codependent behavior and how you can have healthier relationships.

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