Offline Dating: How to Meet Your Match in Real Life

offline dating

Have you tried offline dating? If you’re frustrated with online dating, here’s how to meet your match in real life!

If online dating is not working for you, why not try offline dating? While I believe online dating can be a wonderful way to connect with people you’d never meet in real life, it can also be quite frustrating. You start a conversation that goes nowhere, you get ghosted, you send messages that go unanswered…your self-esteem can take a hit or you might simply be burned out and need a break. Enter offline dating! Here are five ways to meet your match in real life.

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The Golden Bachelor Divorce: 3 Important Lessons

golden bachelor divorce

The Golden Bachelor divorce can teach us some important things that we can apply to our own relationships. Here are 3 lessons learned!

After only three months, the Golden Bachelor couple is divorcing. I’m not interested in spreading nasty rumors about Gerry or Theresa. I don’t know them personally, and there are plenty of videos and posts that have done that already. What I do want to focus on are three lessons we can learn from their quick marriage and divorce.

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How Slow Dating Can Help You Avoid Heartbreak and Disappointment

slow dating

What is slow dating? If you get attached to someone quickly, it’s a good idea to slow things down. In this video, you’ll learn how.

Slow dating is exactly what it sounds like: people taking time to get to know each other and build connection and trust before deciding if they want to pursue a relationship. Why has this trend emerged? It began with lockdowns and quarantines from the pandemic, where everyone had to slow down and get to know a potential date virtually. Many people have seen the benefits and are still slowing things down so they can have important conversations with matches before meeting. They are thinking more critically about what they want and need in a relationship. Slow dating can lead to deeper and more meaningful connections.

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My Ex-Husband Was a Cheater. How Do I Trust Again?

trust again

Rachel’s ex-husband was a cheater. She wants to know how to trust again. Listen as I coach her on the podcast.

How do you trust again after infidelity? In this podcast episode, I coach Rachel, someone I had never met before, for a one-time session to discuss how to trust again after being cheated on. She was married eleven years to a man who cheated several times. Trust was betrayed, he left her for the other woman, and the divorce was final last summer. She feels she dated too soon, but she got some validation that she was still attractive and dateable. But what about the man she’s seeing now?

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What Type of “Work” Do I Need to Help Me Find Love?

help me find love

“Help me find love”, says my podcast guest. Listen as I help Beth focus on the right type of “work” so she finds her romantic match.

Beth wrote into the podcast: “I’m fifty-four-years-old and have been divorced for five-and-a-half years. I’ve had two long-term relationships and several others that have fizzled out for one reason or another. This last round of online dating, I thought I was very intentional. I found one man who had all the qualities I’m looking for, and we had lots in common, but the attraction was mediocre and did not grow much in the two months of dating. I just ended things with him.  

I want to have chemistry and compatibility. My therapist has helped me see that I need to step away from dating and do more work on myself.  I am willing to do the work, I just don’t know what that work is and when I should try dating again? I want to find the right romantic partner. Please help!”

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The How-To Guide on Dating After Divorce

dating after divorce

Dating after divorce? My podcast guest, Sade Curry, has great tips on how to find love again after your relationship ends.

If you’re dating after divorce, you’ll want to listen to this episode! My guest, Sade Curry, is a Dating Coach for Divorced Women and host of the Dating after Divorce podcast. She is certified in trauma coaching, feminist coaching, and life and relationship coaching and teaches women strategies for going through divorce with emotional balance, healing, rebuilding, and finding love again. Sade is married to her second husband Kent Curry and they live in St. Louis, Missouri.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why the modern dating scene creates so much anxiety and overwhelm
  • Some of the unique challenges divorced women face when dating
  • What it means to Date with your Core Values
  • Tips for creating a dating profile that attracts a compatible partner
  • Why it’s important to look for Green Flags instead of Red Flags
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