Finding Love After Divorce With an Ex!

Laurie Wright found love after divorce…with an ex! Listen to the story of how she reconnected with an ex, and how they fell in love again!

Laurie Wright found love after her divorce…with an ex from a failed relationship when she was 21. She’s known as Not Your Average Grandma, is the founder of the Second Half SPARK School™ and host of the Not Your Average Lives podcast. Her mission is to help empty nesters, who feel passionless, find more purpose so they can spend the time they have left doing what lights them up in a way no man can do.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • When Laurie realized she needed to leave the marriage
  • Why she reconnected with her ex, even though their relationship had failed 
  • Why it’s important to know there are more choices other than stay or leave when a marriage fails
  • How Laurie rediscovered her passions post-divorce
  • What happened with the ex-boyfriend (you’ll have to listen to find out!)
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Common Mistakes Men Make in Dating

mistakes men make in dating

Kimberly Hill discusses the top 5 mistakes men make in dating on this episode of Last First Date Radio. You might be surprised!

Kimberly Hill is an international dating and relationship coach who supports men to attract and keep healthy, loving relationships. Kimberly’s unique coaching style brings in a humorous and lighthearted approach while getting deep into the heart of what really matters. She has experience with a wide range of modalities and practices from psychology, energy healing, mindfulness-based stress-reduction, relationship theory, dating strategy, neurolinguistics, and solution-focused coaching.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What challenges are her typical clients going through?
  • What are the five biggest mistakes men make in dating?
  • How can they turn those mistakes around?
  • What’s a good exercise to identify your core values?
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Improving Nutrition to Support Mental & Physical Health

Did you know that improving nutrition can make you a more successful dater? Tamar Samuels tells us how to get healthier and sexier!

Tamar Samuels is all about improving nutrition. The founder of Culina Health, she’s a health coach and an RD specializing in helping people change their health behaviors. Providing knowledge and education is only a small part of the puzzle when it comes to making changes. The hard part is implementing the things you know you need to do on a consistent basis. This requires a tremendous amount of support, mindset shifts, action focused goals, collaboration and motivation. Coaching encompasses positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavior change techniques to accomplish this.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

✓ Why Tamar became a health coach

✓ How she motivates people in improving nutrition

✓ How to lose weight after menopause

✓ How people can date and go out for meals while still keeping healthy

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Dating After a 24-Year Unhealthy Marriage

unhealthy marriage

How do you date again after a long unhealthy marriage? I coach Michelle on this episode to help her succeed in love this time around.

If you’ve been in an unhealthy marriage, and you’re out there dating again, this episode is for you. I coach Michelle, who is struggling with re-entering the dating world after an emotionally abusive 24-year marriage. She’s been in therapy to process the abuse and learn about healthy attachments and good communication.

She’s well educated, financially secure, and independent, which she believes seems to scare off potential dates. What’s really going on and how can she find love this time around? Listen to this episode to see what we uncover through our coaching session.

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Keys to Relationship Success

relationship success

What are the keys to relationship success, especially in our modern world? Hear from three top experts who shared their perspective.

What are the keys to relationship success? A few years ago, the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City presented an inspirational talk on the challenges of marriage and relationships in contemporary society and the Jewish community. The topic resonated for many reasons – the obvious one is I’m a dating coach AND a Jewish woman who’s dating after divorce. I read, listen to, absorb, curate and teach what I feel is the best advice on how to understand and succeed at relationships. Here are my takeaways on the keys to relationship success in today’s world.

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