Nice Guy, No Chemistry?

nice guy

You’re dating a nice guy, but you don’t feel any sparks. Here are five tips for dating the nice guy with no chemistry.

If you’re looking for a serious long-term relationship, and you’ve been attracted to the bad boys and players, you might want to consider dating a nice guy.

But, what happens if that nice man doesn’t turn you on? If you’ve met nice guys with no chemistry, consider these five tips before you move on to date those bad boys again.

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Healing From the Past for Healthier Relationships

healing from the past

Healing from the past paves the way for healthier relationships. Therapist Marlisse Testa shows us how in this episode!

Marlisse Testa is a licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida who works with teens, adults, couples, and families. She treats depression, anxiety, mood disorders, mild personality disorders, trauma, PTSD and complex PTSD, relationship issues, divorce, dating, grief/loss, self-esteem, self-care, assertiveness training and more. She is also trauma trained and she is a Certified Integrative Medicine Provider and a trained narcissist abuse therapist. She’s here today to speak about her book, Stow Your Luggage When Dating: Practical Ways to Get Back into Dating While Putting Your Past Behind You to Have a Healthy, Vibrant, and Lasting Relationship.  

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why she wrote this book
  • What is the Ice Cream Theory in relation to dating?
  • Some signs that you should walk away from a person you’re dating
  • What she means by ‘hold on loosely’
  • Advice for those who are impatient in dating and relationships
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How to Identify Financial Infidelity

financial infidelity

Have you heard of financial infidelity? Forensic accountant, Tracy Coenen, explains how to find hidden money in a divorce on today’s episode.

Tracy Coenen has been investigating fraud for more than 25 years, but she didn’t always want to be a forensic accountant. With a dream of one day being a prison warden, she went to college to get a degree in criminology. A class on financial crime investigations reminded her how much she loved Encyclopedia Brown books as a kid. As she continued her criminology degree, she added accounting and economics courses so she could become a CPA, and today, Tracy finds money in cases of corporate fraud, high net worth divorce, and other financial shenanigans.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is Financial Infidelity (or Financial Abuse) and How to Identify It
  • Red flags of financial fraud in Marriage
  • How to find hidden money in a divorce
  • The Divorce Money Guide and why it’s important
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Reclaim Your Midlife Mojo

midlife mojo

My podcast guests, Claire and James Davis, share tips on how to reclaim your midlife mojo. If you’re over 40, you don’t want to miss this!

Claire and James Davis are the husband and wife team behind the multi-award winning coaching and fitness company 38 Degrees North and coaching company The Midlife Mentors. They host a midlife health podcast The Midlife Mentors, and their passion is helping midlifers achieve not only the body, but the lifestyle they deserve. Their backgrounds in psychology, coaching, hormones, nutrition and NLP, empowers individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to make positive changes to their lives. They’re also regular media commentators and have been featured in The New York Times, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Mail, National Geographic Traveller, Conde Nast Traveller, and more.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How James and Claire met and fell in love in midlife
  • How to reclaim your midlife mojo
  • How to balance being a couple and working together
  • How to get back into dating in midlife
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How to Get Unstuck in Life and Love

get unstuck

My podcast guest, C.K. Collins, shares her inspirational story about how to get unstuck in life and love. Listen in!

C.K. Collins, aka Kelly, is the author of The Swipe Right Effect: The Power to Get Unstuck. In this creative memoir, she writes about her five-year journey back to empowerment, joy, happiness and love. She unfolds her ongoing journey to wholeness through storytelling and shares the lessons she learned from her friends all over the world.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How Kelly came up with her concept about how to get unstuck
  • Where she traveled and why
  • Why she used travel to heal

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How to Get Unstuck in Your Love Life

get unstuck in your love life

My good friend and colleague, Ken Page, interviewed me about how to get unstuck in your love life. Listen here!

In this bonus episode, I was honored to be interviewed by Ken Page, L.C.S.W., a New York based psychotherapist, lecturer and author of Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy. A dynamic and inspiring speaker, he has led hundreds of workshops on intimacy and spirituality for thousands of participants of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations. He and his work have been featured in O, The Oprah MagazineLife MagazineThe New York Times, WPIX-TV Morning News, The AdvocateTime Out New YorkThe Discovery Channel, and in many other places. Ken founded Deeper Dating (⁠⁠), a successful workshop and meeting event for single people committed to deeper values. He’s also the host of the Deeper Dating Podcast.

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