Why We Fall For People We Can’t Have

fall for people we can't have

Many of us fall for people we can’t have. In this video, you’ll learn why we do that, and how we can start falling for people we CAN have.

Have you ever fallen for someone who was in a relationship, or married, or they lived too far away, or they were somehow not available for a relationship? Watch this video and learn why we fall for people we can’t have.

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Signs You’re Dating An Emotionally Unavailable Man

emotionally unavailable man

If you’ve ever dated an emotionally unavailable man, watch this video. Learn 7 signs of emotional unavailability so you can quickly move on.

How many times have you dated a man, only to learn he was emotionally unavailable for a relationship?

Watch this video to learn seven signs that will help you QUICKLY identify whether he is available or not, so you can move on to find a man who’s ready for a relationship.

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Impostor Syndrome in Your Intimate Relationships

imposter syndrome

My podcast guest, Tracy Crossley, talks about imposter syndrome in our romantic relationships. Learn how to reveal your authentic self on dates!

Tracy Crossley is a Behavioral Relationship Expert, Author and Podcast Host, who specializes in treating individuals with unhealthy LIFE and relationship patterns. Tracy helps clients transform, impostor syndrome, insecure attachment, negative belief systems, breaking the cycle of narcissistic damage, destructive self-talk, and more. With a background in psychology, an innate emotional intuition, which draws from her own personal experience

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is impostor syndrome?
  • How we know we’re experiencing it
  • How to overcome or manage it
  • How to remove the mask of perfection on dates

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How to Create a Blissful Sex Life

sex life

It’s possible to create a blissful sex life, no matter your past sexual experiences. Listen to my interview with Andrea Balboni about sex!

Andrea Balboni is a Sex, Love and Relationships Coach who wants every woman to know that the secret to having the relationship, sex and intimacy you want lies deep within you. She knows how to uncover that secret, because she’s done it herself. She now guides other women to create incredible relationships full of depth, connection, love and blissful pleasure so that they can live life and love in a whole new way.

In Ep 484 of the Last First Date Radio podcast:

  • The number one thing holding people back from the sex life they desire
  • How to have create a blissful sex life, no matter your past
  • How to make peace with past sexual experiences that didn’t serve you
  • What mindful masturbation is, and why it’s important
  • How people can connect more deeply during sex 

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Should You Use Dating Apps While On Vacation?

dating apps while on vacation

Should you use dating apps while on vacation? In this video, you’ll hear my story of a recent trip to California where I met someone special on Bumble.

Should you use dating apps while on vacation? It depends. If you’re open to dating while traveling, you’ll be able to meet new people wherever you go. You could make a new friend, a business connection, or a romantic encounter. Dating while traveling can be fun and exciting. It all depends on your what you’re looking for.

I like dating when I travel, because I get to meet a variety of men from different parts of the world. It find it refreshing and fascinating to see how different men can be from the ones I meet where I live. And because I work remotely, I’d be willing to eventually move for the right man. 

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