Who Pays on the First Date?

pays on the first date

Who pays on the first date? It depends. Listen to this video to learn how this topic is being handled in the modern dating world.

The age old question: who pays on the first date? What is considered “proper etiquette” in dating today? The answer has changed over the years, and it’s time to revisit this issue once again. It depends on several factors: age, income level and gender of the daters, to who initiated the date, and when splitting the cost of a date might make sense. Let’s dive in!

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Stay Away From Toxic Relationships and Trauma Bonds

toxic relationships

For anyone who’s ever been in toxic relationships, this podcast episode with Dr. Michelle Skeen is for you!

Dr. Michelle Skeen has a doctorate in clinical psychology, and she is the author of eight books, including her latest book, “Why Can’t I Let You Go”. Her books are designed to enhance relationships by emphasizing the importance of identifying core beliefs that are keeping you stuck in limited thinking and unhelpful behavioral patterns. She also helps people with useful tools, such as a focus on values, mindfulness, self-compassion, effective communication, and conflict resolution skills.  

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Understanding Your Attachment Style and Temperament
  • The Core of the Relationship Trauma Bond 
  • Trauma-Bonding Coping Behaviors
  • Relationship Trauma-Bond Traps 
  • End Toxic Communication
  • A Map for Navigating Your New Path
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What to Do (and NOT Do) When a He Pulls Away

he pulls away

You’re dating someone, and he pulls away. Ouch! What do you do (and not do) when that happens? Watch this video to find out.

You’re dating someone, things seem to be going great, when suddenly he pulls away. The texting is less frequent or stops altogether. He’s not asking you out for another date. What’s going on? Why do men pull away? And what do you do – and not do – when he does?

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The How-To Guide on Dating After Divorce

dating after divorce

Dating after divorce? My podcast guest, Sade Curry, has great tips on how to find love again after your relationship ends.

If you’re dating after divorce, you’ll want to listen to this episode! My guest, Sade Curry, is a Dating Coach for Divorced Women and host of the Dating after Divorce podcast. She is certified in trauma coaching, feminist coaching, and life and relationship coaching and teaches women strategies for going through divorce with emotional balance, healing, rebuilding, and finding love again. Sade is married to her second husband Kent Curry and they live in St. Louis, Missouri.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why the modern dating scene creates so much anxiety and overwhelm
  • Some of the unique challenges divorced women face when dating
  • What it means to Date with your Core Values
  • Tips for creating a dating profile that attracts a compatible partner
  • Why it’s important to look for Green Flags instead of Red Flags
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Why We Repeat Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns

dysfunctional relationship patterns

If you have repeated dysfunctional relationship patterns, this video is for you. You’ll learn why you repeat them and how to stop!

Do you repeat dysfunctional relationship patterns over and over, even though they make you feel terrible? It doesn’t seem to make sense to repeat a pattern that leaves you frustrated and hurt. Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone who’s toxic to you? In this video, I share four reasons why we repeat destructive relationship patterns and five ways to break this pattern and have healthy relationships. 

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How to Break Free of One-Sided Relationships

one-sided relationships

Learn how to break free of one-sided relationships in this podcast episode with relationship coach, Trevor Justice.

Trevor Justice is a relationship coach who specializes in anxious attachment relationship skills, as well as the author of Attract Love and Respect: 5 Ways to Be Valued in Your Relationships. He empowers people-pleasing women and “nice guys” to come first for a change, leaving frustration and disappointment behind.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why common dating advice like “Play it cool” and “Let them set the pace” is often wrong
  • What anxiously attached people should never say when they hear from a slow-to-reply partner
  • How to evoke empathy when standing up for yourself, instead of upsetting your partner
  • When pleasing and accommodating your partner can backfire
  • How to break free of one-sided relationships and be valued instead of taken for granted
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