5 Online Dating Red Flags You Don’t Want to Miss

red flags

You don’t want to miss these online dating red flags. In this video, you’ll discover the warning signs so you can quickly move on!

Online dating is a great way to meet people you’d never meet in real life. But, just like the people you’d meet out in the wild, you have to be good at screening your dates. In this video, you’ll learn five red flags or warning signs that your online dating prospect is not for you, and it’s time to move on. 

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When and How to Define the Relationship

define the relationship

Confused about WHEN to define the relationship? Or HOW to have that conversation? Check out this video to learn when and how to DTR!

Have you ever been afraid to define the relationship (DTR)? Have you wondered when is the best time to DTR? In this video, you’ll discover when and how to have the relationship talk with the person you’re dating.

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Reconnecting to Sexuality After An Unhealthy Relationship


In this episode, Nischa Phair helps us reconnect to our sexuality after being in an unhealthy relationship.

Nischa Heron Phair is an author, researcher and trauma-informed sex educator who believes in authentic sexuality as the antidote to sexual perfectionism—the silent intimacy killer that makes us perform sex instead of experiencing it in a way that feels truly embodied. She works almost exclusively with female survivors and those recovering from unhealthy relationships to help them reclaim a nourishing, authentic and soulfully-aligned relationship to pleasure that supports them to live purposefully in every area of their lives.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why Nischa became passionate about sexuality
  • How unhealthy relationships impact and injure a person’s sexuality
  • What is fawning?
  • How fawning affects people long term
  • How to reclaim sexuality after an unhealthy relationship
  • How the pandemic affected our relationship to pleasure
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When and How to Speak Up in a Relationship

speak up in a relationship

I coached Cheryl on the podcast about when and how to speak up in a relationship, childhood trauma, and reparenting your inner child.

Cheryl wrote into the podcast, “I am in an exclusive relationship and I have two main issues.  

The first is that since I’ve been so unsuccessful in relationships in the past, my confidence is low and I often put myself down with him, sometimes expressing disbelief that he wants me.  

The second issue is that sometimes I get miffed by things he does, but I can’t decide whether to address them. They’re small things, like when he came to my house for the first time, he didn’t compliment me on it. Or when I paid for our movie tickets, he didn’t offer to pay for our snacks, so I paid for those, too. There are many wonderful things he does and I do call them out and express my appreciation. When and how do I speak up about the smaller stuff?” 

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Why We Fall For People We Can’t Have

fall for people we can't have

Many of us fall for people we can’t have. In this video, you’ll learn why we do that, and how we can start falling for people we CAN have.

Have you ever fallen for someone who was in a relationship, or married, or they lived too far away, or they were somehow not available for a relationship? Watch this video and learn why we fall for people we can’t have.

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