How to Prevent Burnout in Long-Term Relationships

burnout in long-term relationships

How do you prevent burnout in long-term relationships? My podcast guest, Mary Jo Rapini, shares several tips on preventing burnout.

Have you ever experienced burnout in long-term relationships? My podcast guest, Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC, is a leading psychotherapist specializing in intimacy, sex, and relationships. She’s been on the podcast before, talking about how taking a break from sex can increase intimacy. Based in Houston, Texas, she operates a private practice dedicated to providing exceptional services as a relationship and intimacy/sex psychotherapist. 

In this episode:

  • What causes burnout in long-term relationships?
  • Who is responsible for the emotional/physical load a healthy relationship requires?
  • What are the questions couples should ask each other to prevent burnout?
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Dating IRL: 5 Steps to Making a Romantic Connection

dating irl

Interested in dating IRL, but don’t know how to make a romantic connection? Here are 5 tips that will help meet your match offline!

If you’re sick of online dating and want to learn more about dating IRL, you’re not alone. Dating apps can be frustrating and lead you to stop dating altogether. Instead, go out and meet potential matches in real life. But how do you start a conversation that leads to a date? How do you know if they’re single or not? How do you make a romantic connection IRL? Here are 5 steps to meet your match offline.

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Offline Dating: How to Meet Your Match in Real Life

offline dating

Have you tried offline dating? If you’re frustrated with online dating, here’s how to meet your match in real life!

If online dating is not working for you, why not try offline dating? While I believe online dating can be a wonderful way to connect with people you’d never meet in real life, it can also be quite frustrating. You start a conversation that goes nowhere, you get ghosted, you send messages that go unanswered…your self-esteem can take a hit or you might simply be burned out and need a break. Enter offline dating! Here are five ways to meet your match in real life.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Texting in Early Dating

texting in early dating

What are the dos and don’ts of texting in early dating? Discover the top 5 things you should and shouldn’t do when you match online.

Texting in early dating can be confusing and frustrating. You match with someone and think there might be chemistry. You want to send a thoughtful text. Should you wait for them to text first? What if you send a text and don’t hear back right away? Or what if they do text back, but they haven’t answered your question or they write way too much? I’m sharing the dos and don’t of early texting to help you feel more empowered and less overwhelmed with texting your online dating match.

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5 Secret to Successful Dating: Mastering Good Communication Skills

successful dating

What are the secrets to successful dating, especially in the early stages? Mastering these 5 communication skills!

What’s the secret to successful dating, especially in the early stages? I believe it’s all about how you communicate about the important things. But when you’re just beginning to date, it can be confusing about what’s appropriate to bring up. You’re trying to get to know and understand each other, but what if they’re texting too little or too much? Is it needy or pushy to say anything? What if you’re unsure about what they’re looking for? How do you find out without coming across as too serious early on? You want to know how their last relationship ended, but when and how do you ask? That’s what I’m talking about in this video.

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How to Set Clear Boundaries in Dating and Relationships

boundaries in dating

Want to know how to set clear boundaries in dating and relationships? Listen to this episode with boundary experts, Jan and Jillian Yuhas.

Boundaries in dating are extremely important. My podcast guests, identical twins, Jan and Jillian Yuhas, are Relationship and Boundary Experts. With a background in psychotherapy and family mediation, they’re committed to resolving relationship challenges in every part of life. They are the co-authors of Boundary Badass, a new book  designed to empower readers to voice their value, fulfill their emotional needs, and cultivate valuable connections through the mastery of setting boundaries.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What are boundaries and why are they so important in dating?
  • How to know when to set a boundary with someone you’re dating
  • Different types of boundaries
  • The difference between a boundary and an ultimatum
  • Can you change your boundaries at any time?
  • What people can do if someone doesn’t respect their boundaries
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