Boundaries: How to Effectively Handle Unsolicited Advice

unsolicited advice

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of unsolicited advice, you know how annoying it can be. In this video, we share our method for dealing with well-meaning meddlers!

Have you ever been the unwitting recipient of someone telling you what they think you need to do? Have you been “shoulded” on? Like you “should” this or that. Unsolicited advice comes at us all the time.

In today’s video we’re addressing unsolicited advice. This is a really common boundary violation, and the next time you’re faced with a well-meaning meddler, we want you to be able to deal with it with grace.

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How to Handle False Accusations

Have you ever been wrongly accused by someone?  It could have been in a work or personal situation or even on the internet where somebody misunderstood your intention or spread lies about you. How do you handle false accusations?

Do you become enraged? Do you shout and scream?

Do you block and delete the accuser?

Or maybe you shut down and doubt yourself, wondering, “Could they be right?”

I co-created a comprehensive program to help you set clear boundaries in life and love. It’s called, Boundaries for Beautiful Relationships. We’re excited to bring it back in March of 2018, and this is the first in a weekly series of videos about boundaries. 

My co-creator, Theresa Byrne, has a background in psychology/social work and is a 4th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor in martial arts, adrenal stress training & self defense. She teaches physical and emotional boundaries for all of their relationships. Over the past 17 years, she has trained people to harness that inner power so they can take control of their lives and find freedom.

In today’s video, we share helpful and practical tips and tools about how to deal with false accusations, a common boundary challenge.

How do you best deal with those false accusations, the times when you’ve been wrongly accused or lied about? Or how about when someone has questioned your character. How do you handle that?

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How to Build Strong Successful Relationships

How do you create strong, long-lasting, successful relationships? My radio guest, Kevin Alston, shared many great actionable tips. Check them out here.

My radio guest, Kevin Alston, has developed an approach that effectively marries proven research with real-life application to help individuals and couples create stronger, long-lasting, successful relationships. As a Certified Master Peak Performance Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and Master Trainer, he shared tips, strategies and insights that will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of who you are individually so you can be successful in your relationships.

Check out highlights of episode #290: How to Create Stronger, Longer Lasting, More Successful Relationships.

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How to Meet Quality Men in Real Life

Do you have a love/hate relationship with online dating? If you’re ready for a break and/or would like to meet quality men offline, you must read this!

My radio guest, Camille Virginia, is the founder of Master Offline Dating. Through private coaching, online courses, and live workshops she helps singles who are burned out with online dating and apps to find love in their own lives by providing the key skills to boost social confidence, create romantic connection, and find lasting commitment in the real world!

Enjoy highlights below for episode #280: 3 Steps to Meeting Quality Men in Real Life with Camille Virginia

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5 Ways to Take Control of Your Relationship (Without Being Controlling)

Take Control of Your Relationship

Can you really take control of your relationship without being controlling? Absolutely. And here are 5 ways to get started.

Most of us want to have some degree of control in our relationships. It can make us feel a sense of order, of being on top of things. But, when does this need for control turn into manipulation? What’s the tipping point when you begin to push your partner away? And, is it possible to be in control without being controlling?

Absolutely! All it takes is to stop trying to control people, experiences, and situations. We can have the right balance of control if we learn to be in control of ourselves instead of others. 

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How to Quickly Resolve Conflict in Dating and Relationships


Looking for a quick way to resolve conflict in dating? Learn how with my radio guest, Doug Noll. This technique really works.

resolve conflict in datingMy radio guest, Douglas E. Noll, is a lawyer turned peacemaker. His calling is to serve humanity, and he does this at many levels. Using pragmatic and practical skills of peace, he helps people resolve deep interpersonal and ideological conflicts. These skills can easily be used to quickly resolve conflict in dating and relationships. 

He is an award-winning author of three books, a teacher, speaker, and a trainer. His forth book De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less was released in September. 

Want to know how to quickly resolve conflict in dating (and have a secret weapon that makes a man fall in love with you quickly)? Check out highlights of episode #276: How to Calm An Angry Person in 90 Seconds Or Less!

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