Simple Solutions to Common Relationship Issues

relationship issues

My podcast guest, Kelli Miller, has simple solutions for common relationship issues. Tune in to learn more!

Kelli Miller is a psychotherapist, best-selling author, and radio host. She is the author of the couples relationship book “Love Hacks: Simple Solutions to Your Most Common Relationship Issues” and the award winning best-selling author of “Thriving with ADHD”. She was a relationship host on Balance by Nature TV and is currently a writer and relationship host for Kelli was a co-host on LA Talk Radio with over 1 million listeners, 250 guest celebrities and authors, and an expert radio personality for SIRIUS/XM Radio. She was the “Women’s Relationship Expert ” on the and was recently quoted in Oprah magazine in three relationship articles.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why it’s harder now for couples to work together than a decade ago
  • Why couples stop having sex and the top three tips for dealing with sexual issues
  • Advice for coping with addiction, anger, and past trauma that enters into relationships
  • Why time-outs aren’t just for children
  • What is the fast-food communication method?
  • The number one recommendation to rekindle connection
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The Importance of Vulnerability

the importance of vulnerability

In this interview with Iris Benrubi, I share the importance of vulnerability in dating and relationships so you can love more deeply.

Iris Benrubi, a renowned dating and relationship coach and therapist, interviewed me for one of her summits about the importance of vulnerability. I love this topic so much, I did a TEDx talk about it. You can watch it here. I loved our conversation so much, I created a podcast episode so more of you could hear it.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why I used the metaphor of the Tootsie Pop to represent vulnerability
  • Why we choose the wrong men 
  • How to begin to shed the guards around your heart and become more vulnerable
  • How to identify your core needs and speak up about them early on
  • A powerful exercise to help you let go of past pain
  • Important questions to ask yourself while dating
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Boundaries Aren’t Bitchy – An Interview With Cami Elen

boundaries aren't bitchy

Boundaries aren’t bitchy, even though many people think they are. Setting boundaries early on in dating is critical. Here’s how.

Several years ago, I was interviewed by Cami Elen about why boundaries aren’t bitchy. In this private summit, I shared vulnerably about why I became a dating and love coach, why boundaries are beautiful and how I help women set clear boundaries from the very start. This conversation was so important, I decided to share it in a podcast episode.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The number one mistake women make at the start of dating
  • How to stop texting and meet someone for a first date
  • Standards and boundaries to set early on
  • How to know when to have sex in a new relationship
  • What’s the pink velvet rope in dating
  • My five step method to set clear boundaries in dating
  • An exercise to help you identify your core needs in dating
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How to Transform Your Relationship in 30 Days

transform your relationship

Annabel and Meshach Spooner teach how to transform your relationship in only 30 days! Listen to this inspirational podcast episode.

Annabel and Meshach Spooner are Intimacy Alchemists and have been together for 20 years. They have a vision to make ‘1% Love’ a global phenomenon. They empower couples to transform their relationships into Sacred Unions of ‘1% Love’ within 30 days.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The inspiration behind 1% Love
  • The principles of 1% Love that will transform your relationship
  • How to communicate through conflict in relationships
  • What to do if your partner gives you the silent treatment
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The Power of Premarital Counseling in Shaping Lasting Relationships

premarital counseling

Premarital counseling can drastically increase the success rate of any relationship. Listen to this episode to learn more.

In 2013, Casey and Meygan Caston founded Marriage365. After their own marital struggles, their aim was to strengthen other people’s marriages. They authored four books about building connections and developed online courses. In 2020, Marriage365 revamped its platform, growing to 10k members in 1.5 years, which inspired them to develop a mobile app to enhance user experience.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How premarital counseling sets couples on a path to healthier marriages
  • Common misconceptions about counseling before marriage
  • The 6 keys of premarital counseling
  • Success stories of couples who had counseling before marriage
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Consensual Non-Monogamy

consensual non-monogamy

How can consensual non-monogamy enhance a relationship? Candice Horbacz shares her thoughts in this episode!

Candice Horbacz has had quite a career trajectory, from a former adult entertainment performer, to an entrepreneur in the production and Web3 space, to an organizer of spiritual retreats centered on psychedelics and wellness. She’s a mother to two boys, a wife, and the podcast host of Chatting With Candice! Her mission is to inspire people to expand their curiosity, think independently, and not be afraid of our messiness.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How Candice went from porn star to podcast host and health and wellness entrepreneur
  • What is consensual non-monogamy?
  • What are the benefits and how would someone practice consensual non-monogamy?
  • What are the dangers?
  • What are some other non-traditional relationship styles?
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