Using Relationships for Personal and Spiritual Growth

personal and spiritual growth

Relationships can be a path to personal and spiritual growth. My podcast guest, Dr. Susan Campbell, shows us how!

Susan Campbell, PhD, is a relationship coach who for over 50 years has been helping singles, couples, and professional teams communicate respectfully and responsibly. She is the author of Getting Real, Saying What’s Real, Five-Minute Relationship Repair, and The Couples Journey. She has been featured on CNN’s News Night, Good Morning America, The Dr. Dean Edell Show, and in Self magazine, New Woman, and Cosmopolitan. Susan also trains coaches and therapists throughout the United States and Europe. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • A radical approach to sharing yourself honestly with someone you’re just meeting
  • Why people are afraid to say what they really feel and want
  • Tips and practices for making truth-telling easier
  • If someone takes a risk and it doesn’t go well, how can they quickly recover their emotional equilibrium?
  • How to use dating and relationships for personal and spiritual growth
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How to Identify Financial Infidelity

financial infidelity

Have you heard of financial infidelity? Forensic accountant, Tracy Coenen, explains how to find hidden money in a divorce on today’s episode.

Tracy Coenen has been investigating fraud for more than 25 years, but she didn’t always want to be a forensic accountant. With a dream of one day being a prison warden, she went to college to get a degree in criminology. A class on financial crime investigations reminded her how much she loved Encyclopedia Brown books as a kid. As she continued her criminology degree, she added accounting and economics courses so she could become a CPA, and today, Tracy finds money in cases of corporate fraud, high net worth divorce, and other financial shenanigans.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is Financial Infidelity (or Financial Abuse) and How to Identify It
  • Red flags of financial fraud in Marriage
  • How to find hidden money in a divorce
  • The Divorce Money Guide and why it’s important
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How to Conquer Conflict in Relationships in Four Minutes

conquer conflict

Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill have developed a tool to help you conquer conflict in only four minutes. Listen to this helpful episode!

Dr Glenn and Phyllis Hill developed a tool to help conquer conflict in relationships in just four minutes. After experiencing 30 years of a painful marriage, Dr Glenn went back to school to become a marriage and family therapist and clinical sexologist.  He spent many years researching emotions and studying how the brain fires when we experience them, which led to developing the Connection Codes. Through using their unique system, couples who had signed divorce papers reunite, incomes double, health diagnosis is reversed, and sexless marriages experience joy in sex.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What they thought marriage would be like, and what actually happened
  • The shift that helped their marriage survive and thrive
  • The tool they developed to help people connect deeply in their relationships
  • How we can stay connected   
  • How our brain uses emotion to connect us
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How to Make Tough Decisions

tough decisions

If you struggle with making tough decisions, especially in your love life, use these five steps to help you make the right choices.

There are times when you’re faced with making tough decisions in your love life. “Should I stay or should I go?” “Should I speak up or let things go?” “Is this a true deal breaker or something I can live with?” Many of us let fear drive our decisions. We want to be absolutely certain we’re making the right choice, which can lead to indecision, second-guessing, or simply not choosing at all (which is a choice!). In this video, you’ll learn five steps to help you make the right choices for you.

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Why Ultimatums Don’t Work

ultimatums don't work

If you want to know why ultimatums don’t work, watch this video. I share some examples of common ultimatums, and what you can do instead.

We issue ultimatums in relationships when we want someone to change or do something we want, like move in together, get married, or have kids. The problem is, ultimatums don’t work. In this video, I’m going to share what an ultimatum is, why people think they’re a good idea, and a more effective strategy for getting what you want in your relationship.

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What It’s Like to Date as a Flight Attendant

date as a flight attendant

Author Lisa Wilkes shares how to date as a flight attendant, which will help anyone who’s ever considered a long-distance relationship.

Lisa Wilkes is an American author, flight attendant, animal rescuer, and licensed social worker (LMSW). Her debut romance novel, Flight Path, was published in 2020. Lisa’s second novel, Mid-Flight, was released on March 31, 2023. She serves on the leadership board of her airline’s nationally-recognized animal transport team, fostering healthy communication among volunteers, 501(c)(3) nonprofits, and community partners.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What it’s like to date as a flight attendant
  • How to make time for a significant other while on the road
  • How to make long-distance dating work, especially with an unconventional work/travel schedule
  • How her romantic relationships influence her literary works
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