Flirting Tips for Midlife Daters

If you’re dating again after 40, you may need to brush up on your flirting. In this short video, I share simple—yet powerful—flirting tips.

When it comes to flirting, a lot of people who are returning to the dating pool in midlife feel out of practice and uncomfortable. How do you flirt without it feeling awkward or fake? In this short video I filmed for Bottom Line, Inc., I offer a few flirting tips to help you be more successful at this thing we call love!

Note: Flirting is not necessarily an invitation for sex. And you don’t have to be fake. Instead, it is a way to convey subtle, focused attention. Flirting can include offering compliments, being playful, lightly touching your date’s forearm (but don’t overdo it!). And the best flirting tip of all…smile.

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Try These Great Tips for Meeting Men Offline!

meeting men offline

Kira Sabin knows a thing or two about getting out of your comfort zone and meeting men offline to find your true love.

My radio guest, Kira Sabin, is a certified life coach, Troop Leader of Love for The League of Adventurous Singles, speaker, travel junkie, coffee aficionado, champagne lover, story collector, life explorer & seven layers of ridiculous. Oh! And she is from America’s Dairyland, Madison, Wisconsin, and yes, she loves cheese.

I had a blast interviewing Kira about getting out of your comfort zone and going on SCAVENGER HUNTS to meet men offline and find love. Click here to listen to the show. Read highlights of the show below.

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How to Become a Radiant Woman

radiant woman

Suzanne Raja is the embodiment of a radiant woman. Learn how you can become a woman who radiates warmth and love no matter what.

My radio guest, Suzanne Raja, is the embodiment of true feminine radiance and deep feminine power. Simply being in Suzanne’s presence brings men into their depth and women into their natural glow. Suzanne does not just practice what she teaches, she embodies it.

To know Suzanne is to glimpse what’s possible for your own life. She delivers teachings with exceptional intuitive perception and clarity. Suzanne demonstrates that true power is subtle, that it is possible for all of our lessons to come encased in Love. As our world heads into a new era, it is teachers like Suzanne who will lead the way.

I interviewed Suzanne about how to embody that peak feminine radiance on Last First Date Radio. Highlights of the show below.

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7 Awesome Ways For You to Meet Men Offline

meet men offlineIf you don’t go online to meet men, where do you go? Here are 7 ways to meet men offline!

I recently taught a master class to my Inner Circle about how to meet men offline. I opened up the call, which is part of a paid monthly program, at no cost to my entire list. One of my followers, Catherine Ross, 62-years-old, wrote to tell me that while she appreciated the offer to join the call, she has no trouble meeting men offline. I asked, “What’s your secret to attracting men offline? I’d love to hear. Sounds like you’ve got that secret sauce, feminine grace?”

Her answer was chock full of wonderful ideas, so I asked if I could share them with you. With her permission, here are Catherine’s fantastic tips for meeting men offline. I’ve edited them slightly to make it easier to find the tips, but otherwise, this is Catherine in her full goddess man-magnet glory. 

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5 Hacks to Instantly Increase Your Confidence in Dating

confidence in dating“Just be confident!”


Men and women struggle with self-confidence when it comes to dating and eventually attracting the right partner. Many people deal with insecurities and crippling anxieties when they think about going on a date with someone they’re very attracted to.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to think that you are not confident enough to approach her or to smile at him. There are ways to feel confident within minutes or even seconds, without overcompensation and without faking it.

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Fall in Love Again: Summer Edition

fall in love againIt was magic the moment you met. The conversation was effortless, your interests so complimentary it was almost eerie, and, well, the sparks—right away you were hot for each other. Things only got better from there: the romantic dates, the conversations that went deep into the night, the vulnerable revelations about past hurts, the building of trust so secure you knew you could rely on this person to always be there for you. Maybe it only took months, or maybe it was years, but at some point you knew: this was the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with. And so, one day you got married. You began a whole new life together, and you just knew this bliss would go on and on. Forever.

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