How the Father Wound Impacts Your Relationships

father wound

In this episode, learn how the father wound impacts your romantic relationships with my guest, Dr. Karin Luise.

Dr. Karin Luise is an award-winning Author, Speaker, Master Life Coach, Soul Guide and Course Creator with a PhD in Counseling & Education. She blends 20 years of practice and research with her spiritual gifts as a Medium, Intuitive and Channel to guide people through mind-blowing transformations. She is obsessed with helping people release the programming of their past, remember who they are and tap into the power and purpose that they are here to enjoy in all levels of their lives – while having the time of their lives! Her retreats have brought healing and transformation to hundreds of men and women ready to live their purpose.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is the father wound and how does it impact our romantic relationships?
  • How can women heal from a father wound?
  • How many women have a father wound?
  • What are the top two coping mechanisms for those who have a father wound?
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Dad’s Fallen and I Can’t Get Up: Reflections on Losing a Parent

my dadOn Monday, February 23rd, my father died suddenly after a brief hospitalization following a fall in which he broke several ribs. Losing a parent is difficult, but our relationship, like most father/daughter relationships, was complicated. He suffered from chronic depression and had multiple bone fractures and other medical issues. But during the last three years of his life, he was like Benjamin Button. He seemed to be getting younger and happier every day. He was more mellow, less angry, and more empathic. I’ll miss him.

As I was searching through my files, I came across an article I wrote about him in 2010. It’s called, “Dad’s Fallen and I Can’t Get Up”.  It’s about the last time he broke a rib, and how I dealt with the stress of being his caretaker.

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