Push Energy vs Pull Energy in Dating

push energy

Do you have push energy or pull energy in dating? Watch this video to learn the difference, so you can attract the men you like.

You’ve been messaging a guy on a dating site or app, and he takes several days to respond. Do you get impatient? Do you assume he’s not interested and unmatched him? Or do you write something snarky like, ‘Where’d you go?’

Here’s another scenario: you’ve been on an amazing first date with a guy, and he says he had a great time, I’ll call you. You don’t hear from him for a week. What do you do? Write to him and tell him you’d love to see him again, what’s a good day/time to get together? 

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Healing Your Disappointing Love Life

disappointing love life

Dr. Thomas Jordan is an expert at helping people heal their disappointing love life. Listen to this episode to learn his 3 powerful steps.

Thomas Jordan specializes in the treatment of chronic love life problems and is the founder of the Love Life Learning Center. In 2017, he launched the Healthy Love Life Seminar with his wife, psychotherapist, Victoria Jordan. He’s the author of, Learn to Love: Guide to Healing Your Disappointing Love Life. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The difference between love and love relationships
  • How to connect the dots to your past to learn why you’ve repeated patterns in relationships
  • The 10 key areas that impact every relationship
  • How to heal your disappointing love life!

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Married for the First Time at 65

married for the first time

Melanie married for the first time when she was 65. An actress who achieved everything but love, she finally found love later in life.

Melanie Chartoff married for the first time at 65! Beginning as an actor off and on Broadway, Melanie Chartoff is best known for the characters she created on “Fridays,” “Seinfeld,” “Newhart,” and “Rugrats,” as the voice of Didi Pickles. Her work has been included in a variety of publications, including The Jewish Journal and three editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul. “Odd Woman Out” is her first book.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why it took 65 years for Melanie to get married for the first time 
  • The mistakes Melanie made in love
  • The key transformation Melanie went through that led her to lasting love
  • A crazy story about how she met her husband
  • What you can learn from Melanie’s story

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Is Jealousy Always Bad For a Relationship?


Jealousy…is it always bad for relationships? My guest, Joli Hamilton, presents a new way to see the benefits. Listen in!

Dr. Joli Hamilton is a research psychologist, author, TEDx speaker, and AASECT certified sex educator. She has spent the past two decades balancing a wild entrepreneurial spirit with a deep desire to have a secure, passionate partner (and she raised 7 kids along the way!). Joli is committed to helping women create sustainable, soul-nourishing relationships without sacrificing their career dreams.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The difference between jealousy and envy
  • How people can deal effectively when they are jealous in a relationship
  • A four-step process for managing when you’re jealous
  • The opposite of jealousy
  • What’s compersion, and why is it something we should work on in our relationships?

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Emotional Detox for Anxiety in Dating

anxiety in dating

If you have anxiety in dating or in your relationships, tune in! Sherriana Boyle, the founder of Emotional Detox©, shares great strategies.

If you get anxiety in dating, this show is for you. My guest, Sherianna Boyle, is an international, Emotional Detox Coach®, author of eight books, including her most recent Emotional Detox and Emotional Detox for Anxiety. She is an adjunct Psychology Professor and founder of Emotional Detox Coaching® servicing clients virtually world wide.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What is an Emotional Detox©?
  • Why so many people are reactive
  • How people can overcome anxiety in dating
  • The CLEANSE© Method
  • The #1 thing you need for dating success

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Finding Love After Loss

love after loss

Listen to Susan Ways’ inspirational story of losing her husband at a young age, and how she found love after loss.

Susan Ways is a living example of finding love after loss. She’s a professional speaker, blogger and HR professional and has been coaching professionals for over 25 years. After the loss of her husband to cancer, she started Tendrils of Grief – a podcast about hope to help other grievers navigate the devastating and confusing space of grief.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

– How losing a spouse can change you in many positive ways

– The power of healing after loss before you date again

– How to have the courage to date again

– Some obstacles widows face when dating online

– Susan’s journey in finding love after loss

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