The Shadow Side of Love

shadow side of love

Love Coach Junie Moon speaks about the shadow side of love. In this episode, learn what it is and how it might be keeping you from love.

Junie Moon, aka The Love Coach, teaches women in midlife how to magnetize their ideal partner and experience what she calls Next Level Love. She’s an award-winning international speaker, best-selling author of Loving the Whole Package: Shed the Shame and Live Life Out Loud, director/producer of the film Shed the Shame, host of the podcast Midlife Love Out Loud and a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How Junie went from a 200-pound unhappy wife to losing weight, divorcing, and becoming a love coach
  • What is Shadow Work, and why is it important in dating?
  • What are some of the top reasons people struggle in relationships?
  • What are the four Love Shadows
  • How can people heal from their self-sabotage in love?
  • How can people break unhealthy patterns in love?

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Rebuilding Libido for a Healthy Sex Life

If you’re a woman who lost her libido, discover the truth about rebuilding libido for a healthier sex life.

Irene Fehr is a Sex and Intimacy Coach who specializes in helping women in rebuilding libido. She helps couples in long-term relationships improve their intimacy and sex. Her mission is to dispel dangerous myths about women’s libido that cause heartache and broken dreams. She is no stranger to her clients’ issues, having recovered from the all-too-common story of a ‘happy marriage turned sexless’ when she lost her libido — all before turning 30.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How Irene’s marriage went from great sex to no sex
  • The truth about rebuilding libido
  • What men and women can do to become more intimate
  • How to heal body image issues that effect sex
  • The truth about women’s libido, and why it’s so often misunderstood
  • Three myths about women’s libido

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Getting Married for the First Time at 51

Kim Quick married for the first time at 51. In this episode, you’ll hear about the steps she took to go on her last first date!

Kim Quick was 40, never married and trapped in a cycle of dating unemotionally available men. Determined to break this pattern, she discovered the key reasons she hadn’t found her true love YET, took action, and found her amazing true love and married at the age of 51. She now shares this proven system with 1000s of women who are having success in finding their true love, too.

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How Porn Damages Relationships

porn damages relationships

Couples Therapists, Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian, speak about how porn damages relationships, and what you can do if there’s porn addiction.

Listen to a fascinating discussion about how porn damages relationships with power couple, Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian, cofounders of a counseling center in the Chicago area. Their unique approach to helping couples have amazing relationships is called Couples Synergy. Both have Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology, and Dr. Ray has an additional doctorate in Clinical Psychology. They are also Co-Hosts of their own podcast called, Couples Synergy: Real Couples, Real Stories.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The most adverse effects of porn on long term relationships
  • The effect of unrealistic expectations for sex
  • How porn affects our body image
  • How committed partners can incorporate porn into their relationship in a healthy way
  • The first step to take if you’re in partnership with someone who’s addicted to porn

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Using Psychological Flexibility to Improve Your Relationships

psychological flexibility

Learn how to use psychological flexibility to improve your relationships in this episode with Dr. Diana Hill.

Dr. Diana Hill is a clinical psychologist, podcaster, and expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a cutting-edge, evidence-based approach to living with psychological flexibility. Diana’s new book, co-authored with Dr. Debbie Sorensen, is ACT Daily Journal. It offers an 8-week program that breaks psychological flexibility into practical steps that guide you in living a life that aligns with your values. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What’s ACT and the research supporting its effectiveness
  • What’s psychological flexibility
  • The 6 core components that makeup psychological flexibility
  • What are values, and how are they different from morals and shoulds
  • How is psychological flexibility helpful in maintaining successful relationships
  • What are some specific practices to identify our values and start living them

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What You Can Learn About Relationships From Your Pet

Did you know your pet can teach you how to have a healthy relationship? Listen to this fun episode of Last First Date Radio and learn how!

Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life coaching. She’s an award-winning author, relationship expert, motivational speaker, positive change integrator, and spiritual coach who has successfully helped many people, from experienced professionals to young adults and couples.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How animals help us overcome dating frustration
  • How our pets can stop us from attracting the wrong people
  • What pets can teach us about spicing up a relationship
  • What’s more important than love in a relationship

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