Healing Your Anxious Attachment

anxious attachment

If you have an anxious attachment style, it can be challenging to date. Therapist Jennifer Nurick can help! Listen to this episode here.

Jennifer Nurick specializes in healing anxious attachment, attachment injuries and childhood trauma. She is a licensed Clinical Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Energetic Healer, and the author of “Heal Your Anxious Attachment: Release Past Trauma, Cultivate Secure Relationships, and Nurture a Deeper Sense of Self”. She is the founder and voice of Psychotherapy Central. She has been working in the healing space for over 20 years, combining Eastern energetic practices and Western psychotherapy.. She offers transformational courses to help individuals and couples heal trauma and build secure long-term relationships.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What are the attachment styles?
  • Why is your attachment style important in dating and relationships?
  • How does anxious attachment show up when dating?
  • What is the pursuer/withdrawer dynamic?
  • How can you break unhealthy attachment patterns in dating?
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How to Cultivate a Deeper Connection With Your Partner

deeper connection

If you want a deeper connection with your partner, listen to this podcast episode with Bryan Reeves. Elevate your relationship today!

Bryan Reeves is back on the podcast, talking about cultivating a deeper connection with your partner. A former US Air Force Captain, he is an internationally renowned Author and Life/Relationship Coach with a current focus on supporting men to have better lives and relationships. His viral blog has been read by over 50 million people worldwide. He’s the co-founder of “Elevate Your Relationship,” a live coaching program for men ready to improve their relationships. He’s co-host of the popular podcast, “Men, This Way,” and author of his newest book, Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her).

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why the article “Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her)” resonated for so many people 
  • The three stages of love and relationships
  • Who pays on a first date?
  • What men can do to make women feel safer
  • What women can do when a man checks out of the relationship to help invite him back in (without sacrificing or losing herself)
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Are Dating Apps in Their Flop Era?

dating apps

Are dating apps soon to be a thing of the past? Are they in their flop era? Here are my thoughts about dating apps today.

Are dating apps in their flop era? There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about the decline of dating apps, and some have even been sued for their addictive nature. Are dating apps a thing of the past? Maybe. The apps are going through a crisis of public perception. People are feeling done with the whole thing. Let’s discuss!

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Are You in Love or Seeking Validation?

seeking validation

Are you in love or seeking validation? In this video, you’ll learn the difference between a healthy attraction and an unhealthy one.

You’re dating someone who blows hot and cold, and you’re trying to win them over. You believe they would love you more if you improve yourself just a little bit more. Maybe you think you’re in love with them, and they just needed to see how amazing you are. Are you really in love, or are you seeking validation? 

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3 Keys to Becoming Secure in Love

secure in love

What does it mean to be secure in love? My podcast guest, Madeline Charles, reveals her secrets to being more secure to find lasting love!

Blending her professional experience as a licensed psychotherapist with intuition, Madeline Charles shares equal parts practical and spiritual guidance to support women in creating sexy, secure relationships.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How to define being secure in love
  • Why being secure in love is important for a thriving relationship
  • What it looks like when someone is not feeling secure in love
  • The 3 keys to a secure way of relating
  • Unique challenges and opportunities spiritual, successful women have in love
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The Difference Between Standards and Expectations in Dating

expectations in dating

What’s the difference between having high standards and expectations in dating? They’re both important. Here’s why…

It’s important to have both standards and expectations in dating. What’s the difference between the two? How can you create clear and realistic standards, and how can you manage your expectations so you don’t get hurt? 

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