The Gift of Failure

gift of failure

It was one of the most challenging experiences I ever had. I was embarrassed and ashamed. But, when I discovered the gift of failure, it changed my life.


With trembling hands and heart beating wildly in my chest, I stood holding the letter from the Coaches Training Institute.

If I passed my oral exam, I would be holding a congratulatory letter. If I failed, the envelope would contain a letter describing the rescheduling process. A week earlier, I had taken my oral exam, the last step in completing certification as a Life Coach. For two years, I had worked hard to become a life coach, integrating what I learned in class and applying it to my work and life.

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Transform Your Life in Midlife


Author, Joe Rutland, transformed his life in midlife. It’s never too late!


Joe Rutland is an author, writer, podcaster and journalist who transformed his life in midlife. He has spent 30-plus years in the communications industry. He’s a contributing writer for The Good Men Project. A native Texan, he’s also lived in Arizona.

Joe is passionate about supporting the emotional well-being of children, adults and parents in the cleft, craniofacial and facial difference community around the world.

I interviewed Joe on Last First Date Radio about his new book, Midpoint: a Sourcebook for Your Midlife Journey. In the highlights below, Joe shared powerful tips on how he overcame many of life’s challenges.

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