Online Dating Safety Tips

online dating safety

Follow these online dating safety tips to protect yourself when you date online. Stay safe on your journey to your last first date!

Many people shy away from online dating, because of the horror stories they’ve heard. Online dating is a GREAT way to meet people you’d never meet in real life. You just have to know how to vet people so you don’t fall for scammers or people who are unsafe in any way.

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Latest Dating Trends From the Head of PR at OKCupid

dating trends

What are the dating trends in 2022? Hear from Michael Kaye, head of PR at OKCupid, who has first-hand knowledge of what’s new in dating.

If you want to know the latest dating trends, listen to Michael Kaye, the head of public relations at OkCupid. He has become a leading voice on dating and relationships. He also teaches at New York University and volunteers with the Human Rights Campaign.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How OkCupid is different from other dating apps
  • Dating changes since the pandemic
  • The latest dating trends on OkCupid
  • What is cuffing season and when does it begin?
  • Some tips for creating a great dating app profile
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Dating Trends in 2022

dating trends

Are you wondering about the latest dating trends in 2022? Watch this video to learn what’s hot in dating right now!

What are the dating trends in 2022? Trends come and go. But this year, many of the current trends are related to the Pandemic and how people’s dating habits transformed. In this video, you’ll hear about what’s hot and what’s not in 2022, especially if you’re dating online.

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Online Dating Tips for Summer Love

online dating tips

Bela Gandhi shares important online dating tips to help you find love on this episode of the Last First Date Radio podcast!

Bela Gandhi is a dating/relationship expert, founder of Smart Dating Academy and has been featured on most national/local media outlets including Good Morning America, Steve Harvey,the Today Show, Kelly Clarkson, Access, ABC, NBC, Fox, and more.

Smart Dating Academy’s coaching program helps clients clarify who is right for them, stop old dating patterns, and use technology the RIGHT way, so they become positive and enthusiastic about dating  and relationships again and find love! 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio: 

  • What is psychotic optimism?
  • The most important thing you need to find love this summer
  • Top mistakes people make in online dating
  • How to clarify what you need and want in a partner
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5 Most Common Online Dating Mistakes

online dating mistakes

Are you making any of these five online dating mistakes? Check out this video to learn how to turn them around and find love!

Online dating can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. In this video, you’ll learn the five most common (and often unconscious) online dating mistakes. You’ll discover what to do so you can turn them around and finally find love online. 

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How to Answer the Most Annoying Questions in Online Dating

annoying questions

Online dating is filled with annoying questions. Here’s a guide for how to answer them – without losing your patience or your mind!

Do you find it frustrating when men on dating apps ask annoying questions like these early on?

1) What are you looking for on here?

2) How long have you been single? 

3) How are you doing on this app?

If you’re never really sure how to answer (or you want to give up on online dating) watch this video!

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