5 First Date Questions That Spark Connection

first date questions

What first date questions should you ask if you want to leave a lasting impression? Here are the only 5 you’ll need!

Recently, a client asked, “What type of questions can I ask on a first date to see if we share the same values? I always struggle with this.” If you’ve ever been at a loss for what to say on a first date, you’re not alone. I’m sharing five of my favorite first date questions and conversation starters. This is how they’ll benefit you:

  • You’ll be able to tell early on whether you have a connection
  • You’ll get to know their values and areas of compatibility more quickly
  • You’ll spark more engaging conversations, whether there’s a true connection or not

Ask one or two of these first date questions on your date, and the conversation should begin to flow. You can also use a few on a first phone call to see if you even want to go on a first date! 

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Are Dating Apps in Their Flop Era?

dating apps

Are dating apps soon to be a thing of the past? Are they in their flop era? Here are my thoughts about dating apps today.

Are dating apps in their flop era? There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about the decline of dating apps, and some have even been sued for their addictive nature. Are dating apps a thing of the past? Maybe. The apps are going through a crisis of public perception. People are feeling done with the whole thing. Let’s discuss!

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Why the People We’re Attracted to Don’t Like Us Back

people we're attracted to

The people we’re attracted to often don’t like us back. Why is that? And what can we do about it? That’s what this video is about!

You’re attracted to someone, and they don’t feel the same about you. Whether you’ve been on a first date with them and they never called again, or you’ve been dating for a while and they ended things because they weren’t into you, or even when you messaged someone you found attractive on a dating app and didn’t hear back, it hurts. Why does this happen, and what do we do when the people we’re attracted to don’t like us back?

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Dating Fatigue: 5 Reasons to Take a Dating Break

dating fatigue

If you have dating fatigue, it’s time to take a break. In this video, learn five benefits of taking a dating break.

Do you have dating fatigue? It might be time to take a break from dating. Maybe you’re feeling burned out, or you’ve had a several conversations fizzle out in a way that left you frustrated, or you’re just busy right now and focused on other things. Whatever the case, if you feel you’re not in the right place to date, stepping back for some time—whether it’s for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks—can be very beneficial. Here are five reasons and benefits of taking a dating break.

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What Dating Platforms Are Doing to Ensure User Safety

dating platforms

What are dating platforms doing to make sure you stay safe online? Andrew Hendel, founder of a new dating app, Marshmallo, weighs in.

Andrew Hendel is the CEO and Founder of Marshmallo, a company that applies financial technology to enhance safety and security for online daters. As the visionary behind Marshmallo, Andrew is dedicated to revolutionizing the online dating landscape. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The responsibility of dating sites to ensure user safety
  • How the Marshmallo app uses background checks, advanced verification methods, and anti-harassment technology
  • How dating platforms can deal better with common online dating scams include catfishing, romance scammers, phishing, advance fee fraud, blackmail and extortion, identity theft, fake profiles, and bots
  • How to stay safe when dating online
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How to Fail at Online Dating

fail at online dating

This video will teach you how to fail at online dating. If you’re clever, you’ll figure out how to flip these tips and find love!

I post many videos and articles about how to find love online. What if instead of talking about online dating success, we talk about how to fail at online dating. These ten tips will guarantee you won’t find love online, which would be a shame. Because if you turn these tips around and do the opposite, you’ll definitely have online dating success!

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