Feeling Shame? Here’s How to Stop!


Shame is one of the most debilitating emotional reactions we have. Watch this video to learn how to stop the shame spiral and take your power back!

Have you ever felt the shame of not being good enough, not measuring up to others’ expectations, or doing the wrong thing and wishing you could take it back?

In today’s video, Theresa Byrne and I are talking about how to stop the shame spiral. This is not about setting boundaries with others. Shame requires you to set boundaries with yourself first. We’ll show you how.

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How to Courageously Stand Up to People in Positions of Power

If you’ve ever been in a situation where people in positions of power, like teachers/bosses/spiritual leaders, put you down or made you feel small or insignificant, check out today’s video.

Have you ever been in a situation where people in positions of power, like a teacher, a boss, or a spiritual leader, put you down or made you feel small or insignificant? What did you do?

Were you intimidated because of their position of power? Did you shut down? Did you think they must know what they’re talking about, so you questioned your instincts? Did you speak up?

Or did you just walk away to find another spiritual leader/teacher/boss?

In today’s video, Theresa Byrne and I share helpful and practical tips about what to do when faced with this common boundary challenge.

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How to Move Towards Supreme Love

My radio guest, Dr. Jeanine Staples, shares how you can leave unhealthy relationship patterns behind, and move towards supreme love.

In my radio guest, Jeanine Staples’ debut book, The Revelations of Asher: Toward Supreme Love in Self, she reveals women’s fragmented selves and the five ways women live as lovers: Main Chick, Side Chick, Bonnie, Bitch, and Victim. Her two-part, online quiz can easily help women uncover which lover identity they take on in relationships. Her subsequent work shows women a more conscious way of loving and living in the world.

This isn’t a lovey-dovey take on relationships or “self-help”. It is a raw look at how women heal from deep traumas using the tools of emotional literacy and emotional justice. Jeanine is on a mission to teach women how to turn toward supreme love in self, a concept that goes beyond the limits of self-love.

As an alternative-response to the five toxic lover identities, Jeanine presents a new way of loving and living. She introduces the Supreme Lover Identity and illuminates its integral connection to social and emotional justice for and through Black women’s wisdom.

Highlights below for a fascinating interview on Last First Date Radio, episode #287: Moving Toward Supreme Love with Jeanine Staples.

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Important Ways to Increase Your Core Confidence as a Woman of Value

Are you seeking amazing, passionate, blissfully happy, lasting love? It all begins with core confidence and knowing your true worth. Here’s how!

My radio guest, international bestselling author Ava Miles calls herself a divine rockstar—something she believes everyone is deep down. She’s on a mission to help women increase their core confidence. Ava spent many years traveling the world and sharing her gifts with women and men in war-torn countries, helping them rebuild and reintegrate their communities amidst intense struggle. She has managed multi-million-dollar projects and multi-national teams of people in the private sector, in non-profits and in domestic and international agencies as well as multilateral organizations such as the United Nations.

Now, she brings that experience together with her passion for sparking joy and personal success in people’s lives, launching an all-new series of life-fulfillment books called “The Goddess Guides to Being A Woman.” With seven books in total, “The Goddess Guides” invite us all to reimagine what it means to be a modern woman with core confidence—on our own terms. Join Ava in letting the brilliance of your true goddess nature—and that of all the girls and women in your life—shine through. 

Below, you can find highlights of episode #284: The Goddess Guide to Being a Woman with Author Ava Miles.


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Relationship Secrets to Attract the Love You Want


This podcast reveals relationship secrets that will help you transform your life and help you attract a healthy loving relationship!

My radio guest, Orion Talmay, is a love coach and an international speaker. She works with successful high achievers and helps them unleash their feminine power and become a magnet for conscious relationships and love. She is the founder of Orion’s Method and the host of the popular podcast Stellar Life. Orion helps women truly love themselves, elevate confidence, ignite their passion, and create a sense of freedom ease and flow. She combines the physical, mental, sensual and spiritual to create an integrated transformation. Orion is a world traveler who has learned from leading luminaries in personal development, health/wellness, spirituality, relationships and sexuality arenas.

Highlights below for episode #283: Relationship Secrets Your Mama Didn’t Tell You!

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How to Break Free From Codependent Family Patterns

If you grew up in a codependent home, this episode will help you break free from the patterns of enabling and giving up your needs for others.

How many times have you lost yourself in some chronic family crisis, giving and giving until there is no more left to give—and yet you give more. Out of love, out of duty, out of knowing that everyone looks to you?

My radio guest, Jodee Prouse, knows about codependent family patterns from personal experience. Her memoir, The Sun Is Gone, is about trying to halt the alcoholic decline of her beloved brother amidst a lifetime of codependent family crisis and dysfunction. It is both a cautionary tale and a beacon of hope for women to find the strength to make difficult yet healthy choices.

Her motto is: LEARN. ACCEPT. FORGIVE. AND HEAL. Check out highlights below of episode #281: The Power to Stop Enabling in Relationships.

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