How to Love Yourself Unconditionally

love yourself

If you don’t love yourself, you prioritize other people’s needs and let people treat you poorly. Here’s how to love yourself unconditionally!

Do you love yourself unconditionally? Most of us let ourselves down from time to time. We accept and excuse bad behavior from others. We stay stuck in jobs, friendships, and romantic relationships when we know we should leave. Let’s talk about five ways to love yourself unconditionally, so you can live a life in alignment with your authentic self.

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The Danger of Being the Cool Girl

cool girl

Have you ever been the Cool Girl in dating, saying you’re fine when you’re not, not speaking up when you’re hurt? Watch this video!

Are you a Cool Girl? Do you pretend you don’t care when you really do? Do you act like you’re okay with the way you’re spoken to, when you’re hurting inside? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. In this video, we’ll explore the dangers of being the Cool Girl, and what you can do instead.

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5 Ways to Let Go of Your Need to Control In Dating

need to control

How do you let go of your need to control when you’re dating or in a relationship? Here are my top 5 tips!

Why do we often feel a need to control in dating and relationships? There are a few key reasons: 1. We’re afraid of what will happen if we let go (we’ll lose ourselves, get hurt, be disrespected). 2. We’re attached to an outcome we think is best for us (which closes us off to what’s actually better for us). In this video, you’ll discover why it’s important to let go of needing control and several ways to do it!

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How to Recover from a Breakup

recover from a breakup

My podcast guest, Tal Yardeni, shares her best tips on how to recover from a breakup. If you’ve ever had a breakup, listen in!

Tal Yardeni is known as the breakup recovery coach. She’s the creator of The Breakup To Badass Formula, which helps women let go of their ex, learn to love themselves more, and get ready for their best relationship. Having gone through and healed from her own difficult breakup, she’s passionate about helping women recover from heartbreak.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why self love as we know it is BS, and why true self love is crucial to healing from heartbreak
  • What Rom Coms have taught us about our self worth, and how to break the cycle of placing your worth in relationships
  • The #1 thing that keeps you from moving on, and what you can do about it
  • Why no contact is absolutely necessary to moving on
  • Why you should put dating on hold while you heal from a breakup and when is it okay to get back out there again.
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How to Overcome Dating Despair

dating despair

Dating despair is common, especially if you’ve been dating for a while without success. In this video, I share 5 helpful tips.

If you’ve ever experienced dating despair, you know how devastating it can feel. Will you ever meet your match? Why do the people you don’t like want to date you, and the people you do like don’t? Dating can be exhausting, and it can adversely affect your self-worth. In this video, you’ll learn what to do about dating despair so you can restore hope.

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Attending to and Expressing Our Needs in Relationships

expressing our needs

Mara Glatzel’s book, “Needy”, addresses the importance of advocating for and expressing our needs in relationships.

Mara Glatzel, MSW is an author, intuitive coach, and podcast host who helps humans stop abandoning themselves and start reclaiming their humanity through embracing their needs and honoring their natural energy rhythms. Her superpower is saying what you need to hear when you need to hear it and she is here to help you believe in yourself as much as she believes in you. 

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why we’re so uncomfortable with our neediness
  • The difference between the self-care we are sold and the self-care we actually need
  • The first steps to take to advocate for your needs when you’re in a relationship that has deeply ingrained expectations
  • What we can do with our “ugly” needs – the ones that we worry will be too overwhelming and burdensome for others
  • How to create a blueprint for what you need in your relationships
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