How Feminine Presence Will Improve Your Life

feminine presence

Adele Wang helps women who feel invisible reconnect to their feminine presence so they can attract the love they want.

My podcast guest, Adele Wang, helps women who feel invisible reconnect to their feminine presence. This helps them attract more of what they want, in life, work, and love. Many modern women, in the rush for equality, have inadvertently cut themselves off from the most beautiful part of themselves–their feminine essence. They often feel stressed, invisible, and unable to attract the relationships they want.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

– How Adele helps women increase their feminine presence

– How to acquire the “it” factor that makes women so attractive

– How to increase your magnetism, be more joyful and attract better relationships

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Rewriting Your Life After Crisis

rewriting your life

Ashley Wellman suddenly became a widow and lost her job at age 34. She discovered that rewriting your life helps you move forward into your next chapter.

Ashley Wellman lost her husband in her early thirties. She found that rewriting your life is a highly effective way to heal and move forward in life. She is a criminologist specializing in trauma/victimization with 30+ publications. She serves as a media expert/television commentator and is an advocate for survivors. After her own tragedy, she added author to the list, launching her business with the creation of her first children’s book, The Girl who Dances with Skeletons: My Friend Fresno.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

* The shocking trauma Ashley experienced

* How to heal from trauma and focus on rewriting your life

* How to rewrite your story during difficult times

* Ashley’s inspirational story of turning trauma into an opportunity to reinvent her life

* Why it’s important to follow your dreams       

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Empowerment Is The Path to A Healthy Relationship


Relationship expert, Barry Price, believes that empowerment is the key to having the healthiest relationships. Tune in to hear Barry’s excellent tips!

Barry Price teaches women about empowerment in relationships. He is a Relationship Expert, trained by renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel. He started at eight-years-old by helping his single mom through her relationship ups-and-downs. He brings empathy and a male perspective as he teaches women how to be empowered in relationships, Barry has helped thousands of powerful women create healthy, empowered relationships.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

– Why it’s challenging for powerful women to find love

– The difference between powerful and empowerment

– The type of man an empowered woman seeks

– The keys to strong, successful women finding love

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High Value Woman vs. a Woman of Value

woman of value

What’s the difference between a high value woman and a woman of value? Here are five behaviors of each type of woman. Which are you?

A few years after becoming a dating and relationship coach, I coined the phrase, “Woman of Value”, and I wrote a book called Becoming a Woman of Value; How to Thrive in Life and Love, describing the many ways we can step more fully into our value.

There’s another phrase in the dating coaching world, High Value Woman, and I’d like to distinguish the difference between the two.

According to a popular dating coach, these are five behaviors that count as high value in a quality man’s eyes vs. the five behaviors of a woman of value according to yours truly!

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Why Are You Still Single?

still single

Vince Guaglione, author of, “Why are you still single?” discusses what he learned about being single, divorced, and struggling to find love.

My podcast guest, Vince Guaglione, saw a post in a Facebook group asking, “Why are you still single?” This prompted him to write a book on the topic. Find out what he discovered in this episode of Last First Date Radio.

Vince is a guy who asks lots of questions, not only of himself, but also of his society and the world around him. Although he claims he’s found no real answers, that hasn’t stopped him in his quest to gain perspective on a little something we call life. Originally from Philadelphia, Vince now resides in Raleigh NC.

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