5 Qualities of a Good Partner

good partner

Which qualities are most important for a good partner? In this video, you’ll learn the top five character traits to look for.

What are the qualities of a good partner? Most of us get this wrong. Why? Because what you think you want and what you actually NEED are often very different. That’s why it’s so important to identify the character traits of a good partner. It will help to ensure a long lasting healthy and satisfying relationship. Watch the video to learn what these qualities are.

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Why Women Are Unfulfilled in their Romantic Relationships

romantic relationships

Why are so many women unfulfilled in their romantic relationships? That’s what my podcast guest, Gillian Pothier, addresses in this episode!

Through her writing, teaching, and Feminine mentorship, Gillian Pothier helps women repair and co-create fulfilling lifelong bonds with the men in her life (husband, lover, father, son, brother, former husband, friend, colleague…). Gillian studied literature and visual art at Bennington College before receiving an MA in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her work centers on what becomes possible when we understand Masculine and Feminine nature and co-creation through the lens of psychology, beauty, fairytale, and Jungian archetypes.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why so many women are unfulfilled in their romantic relationships
  • What women misunderstand about men
  • How women can embody their feminine nature in dating
  • Being great at being a woman vs. being a great woman
  • What is Deep Feminine and how can women embody it?
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Falling In Love With An Emotionally Dangerous Person

emotionally dangerous person

Listen to this cautionary tale of falling in love with an emotionally dangerous person. You won’t believe what happened in this episode!

Bill Saubert is the author of “The Girl With The Green Lipstick“, a cautionary memoir of falling in love with an emotionally dangerous person. He’s an adventurer, NPR radio host, entrepreneur, non-profit board member, and novelist. He was a partner with the management consulting firm of McKinsey & Co before taking a senior marketing role with MasterCard in Australia for four years after which he retired. He is the proud father of a fabulous daughter and the grandfather of two beautiful children.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What motivated Bill to write his memoir about falling for an emotionally dangerous person?
  • The significance of the green lipstick
  • Is online dating riskier later in life?
  • Why Bill missed red flags in his relationship
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When to Go ‘No Contact’ After a Breakup

no contact after a breakup

When do you go ‘no contact’ after a breakup? In this video, you’ll learn six reasons why you should cut ties after a breakup.

Is it hard for you to go ‘no contact’ after a breakup? Have you ever heard those three dreaded words after you’ve been dumped or you broke up with him: “let’s be friends”? In this video, my son Max and I discuss why it’s important to go ‘no contact’, and how it can be the best way to move on and heal after a breakup.

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Men and Commitment…It’s the Opposite of What You Think

men and commitment

Andre Paradis talks about men and commitment on this episode of Last First Date Radio. It’s the opposite of what you might think.

Andre Paradis has been studying people his entire life. Over a decade ago, he was compelled to teach his findings and knowledge to the masses. He’s a Coach, Teacher, Educator, Mentor and Public Speaker, and is an expert in dating, love, parenting and business.

The magic is to be fully aware of the energy mechanism in place in these dynamics and learn to negotiate the terms to reduce power friction. Andre has been married for over two decades and is a proud parent of two teens.

In this episode:

  • Why love relationships seem so difficult today
  • Why releasing the walls we put up is crucial to love
  • How can we release the armor?
  • What makes a man commit to a woman?
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How to Create Your Must-Have List

must-have list

Want to get clear about your must-have list in dating? In this video, you’ll learn my surefire method for creating your must-have list!

I believe that to date most effectively and with the least amount of heartache, you need to be clear about your must-have list. These are the character traits you absolutely need in a relationship. 

When you’re first dating, it’s not always so easy to figure out if a guy is right or wrong for you. Most men have many redeeming qualities, but that doesn’t necessarily make him the right fit for YOU, especially if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.

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