Mixed Signals in Dating

mixed signals

Have you ever received mixed signals in dating? He seems interested, texts and calls, but he never asks you out. Learn what to do in this video!

Do you ever feel confused by the men you date? He says one thing, and then he contradicts himself. He plans for a future, but he’s not even available right now! It can make you crazy. Listen as I help Judi decode mixed signals with the man she was dating for 6 months. If you’re confused about what to do when there are mixed signals, you absolutely have to watch this video.

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What NOT to Do in the New Year

Here’s what NOT to do in the New Year. Skip the resolutions, and do this instead. Trust me, your life will improve this year.

Happy New Year! Have you given some thought about what NOT to do in the New Year? That may sound strange, but as we all know, New Years resolutions don’t work. Most of us start out every year with goals; lose 10 pounds, find love, eat healthy food, join a gym…And most of those resolutions last a few weeks at best. We’re left feeling like failures. And that’s self-defeating.

If you want to improve your life and love, I suggest you make a list of what NOT to do in the New Year instead. Some habits can be hard to break, but if you make a list of what you want to stop doing, you can begin to create action steps around breaking those habits and having a better life.

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How to Eliminate Your Limitations

eliminate your limitations

Want to eliminate your limitations for once and for all? My podcast guest, Sylvia Puentes, has many surprising suggestions that will help!

My podcast guest, Sylvia Puentes, joined me on Last First Date Radio to speak about how to eliminate your limitations for once and for all. She is an international speaker and author with a passion for transformational coaching and empowered education. Her career as an educator spans nearly 20 years and has taken her from elementary school classrooms to private coaching and bi-lingual corporate training. Sylvia has developed a range of unique and inspiring workshops and programs, including the Academic & Parent Coaching Program which has assisted youth, parents and teachers in finding alternative methods to inspire and rediscover the joy of learning. She is a certified facilitator for Right Voice for You®, a special program by Access Consciousness®.

Check out the show notes and click the link to download/listen to EP 381: 3 Tips to Eliminate Your Limitations Once and for All.

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When to Give Men the Benefit of the Doubt

benefit of the doubt

Do you give men the benefit of the doubt? Or do you sometimes dismiss a guy for something that might not be an issue? Watch this video!

Ladies, do you usually give men the benefit of the doubt when you’re dating? Or do you sometimes dismiss a man for something that may not be an issue? In this video, I explain what I mean by ‘benefit of the doubt’, and what it means during the three key stages of dating and relationships.

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[VIDEO] 3 Reasons to Stop Judging Men You’re Dating!

judging men

You must keep your eyes open when dating to stay safe from the wrong men. BUT, if you’re judging men too harshly, watch this video now!

Are you unknowingly judging the men you’re dating? Sure, some degree of judgment is important in protecting you from getting involved with the wrong men. But, you might be judging the wrong things, which could be preventing you from falling in love with the RIGHT man. Check out this video to learn the top three ways judging men is working against you.

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