Why Men Don’t Commit (& How They Decide to Make You the One)

Men Don't Commit

Learn why men don’t commit, from dating and relationship coach, Paula Grooms. (Find out what puppies have to do with finding a man who WILL commit!)

Paula Grooms is a Dating and Relationship Coach, as well as a Master’s level Social Worker with 20 years of professional experience. Through her public speaking platform and international coaching program, Coach Paula helps passionate people with the need for strong, sustainable and committed relationships.

Paula shared fun and engaging theories from her book, Why Won’t He Commit? How a Man Decides to Make You “The One,” to help us understand the unique way in which men view women, communicate, love, commit and make their “forever” romantic decisions.

Check out highlights below for EP333: Paula Grooms on Why Men Don’t Commit.

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How Are Women Losing Out On Love?


Ladies, you may unknowingly be losing out on love. My radio guest, Barry Selby, shares great tips to help successful, strong women who want to find lasting love.

My radio guest, Barry Selby is a best-selling author, speaker and relationship attraction expert. He helps strong, successful women find balance in love, life and business. He is a passionate champion for the divine feminine, and his heart is dedicated to serve women owning their magnificence and authentic power in life as well as in relationship.

Barry joined me for a deep dive into where women are losing out on love. We spoke about the women’s lib movement’s effect on dating today, the problem with dating apps, and how strong successful women can find love with greater ease.

Check out highlights below for episode #297: Why Women Lose Out On Love.

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How to Survive a Long-Term Relationship

Most people struggle to keep marriages and long-term relationships alive and well. Judi Schindler shares the secrets to her 53-year marriage success.

In 2012, Judi Schindler began entertaining audiences with her witty, candid advice on men and marriage. Her program, Husbands: An Owners Manual—How to Survive a 50-Year Marriage, explains how to select a husband and how to maintain him in good working order. Five years later, she wrote a funny and wise book with the same title.

Schindler began her career as a public relations and marketing consultant, heading a 10-person firm for more than 40 years. In 2008, she took up a second occupation as an actor, performing in local theaters, commercials and films and recording voice-overs for a variety of organizations.

Check out highlights below for episode #296: Husbands: An Owners Manual (A humorous look at how to stay married).

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10 Types of Dating Drama that Turn Off the Men You Like

Are you unknowingly coming across as a drama queen in dating? Dating drama will turn off the men you like. Author Camie Vincent dishes on dating drama!

[NOTE: Today’s guest post is by Camie Vincent, aka LadyLove, an upcoming guest on my radio show.]

I once saw a video on You Tube that basically said men considered ALL women to bring some amount of crazy and drama to a relationship. Some more than others, and if a man was lucky enough to find a woman who rarely unleashed that side of her, hold on tight, because she is a mystical unicorn who surely would be highly sought after! After I read it, I asked a few of my single male friends if they agreed. Not only did they say they did, but they enjoyed talking about the different degrees of dating drama they have had to endure over the years.

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Warning: You May Be Dismissing Quality Men

Searching for quality men? Here are three ways to discover if he is a player, a boring nice guy or a hidden gem; aka a quality man.

Today’s post is written by JamesD’Souza, a happily married nice guy who finally figured out how to be noticed and loved for the quality man he always was.


Women spend a lot of time complaining about men. Even the tone and title of blog posts seem to reflect a general frustration women have with men:

“Five Devastating Reasons Quality Men Disappear”

“Why Are Guys Head Over Heels for Me at First But Lose Interest After a Few Weeks?”

“How Do I Stop Wasting Time With Men Who Aren’t Good for Me?”

“What to Do When You’re Dating a Guy Who’s Afraid of Commitment?”


Is every woman who’s looking to meet a great guy only meeting men who behave like this? I know we’re not all bad because my friends and I are not.

From what I’ve seen on many dating sites for women, men are commitment-phobic players. I know those headlines are written to entice readers, and they wouldn’t be attractive if there wasn’t an element of truth. But, what if there’s another view? Could it be that the more extreme behaviour of some men ruins it for the quality men?

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How to Make Men Fall in Love (From a Men’s Dating Coach)

Want to know how to make men fall in love? Guest blogger, Eddy Baller, a men’s dating coach, reveals his best dating advice.

One rainy evening, I was walking down the street with my client. We were having a conversation about how a man can attract someone special into his life. He was complaining about how difficult dating is when shyness overshadows everything you do. After all, how can a man ask a woman out if he’s too self-conscious?

Mid sentence, my attention was broken. She was almost a blur, because she passed by so quickly, but I saw enough to be interested.

“Wait a second…” I interrupted my client.

There wasn’t any time to spare. She was going to disappear quickly into the bustling crowd. I had to do something quickly or regret the hesitation.

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