Private Coaching Services

I believe it’s never too late to have the relationship you deserve. My proven 6-step signature LAST FIRST DATE method will support you on this often confusing and frustrating path towards finding (and keeping) a good man.

Please don’t give up hope. There are wonderful men over 40. I know where you can meet them and how you can attract the relationship of a lifetime. I’m here to support you every step of the way in my private one-on-one coaching program.

If you’re stuck in repeated patterns of unhealthy or unfulfilling relationships, I will help you identify your blind spots and give you the blueprint to attract and sustain EPIC love as a Woman of Value!

Coaching Services



1-Hour Man Plan Consultation

man plan In this one-hour consultation, Sandy will help you with whatever you’re struggling with. You get to design the hour however you like. Want to know why online dating isn’t working for you? Why you keep going on first dates that don’t lead to a relationship? How to speak up when feelings are hurt? Discover your hidden blocks to love. You’ll learn the keys to attracting a quality man. And you’ll walk away with a clear plan for finding the love of your life.




Love Life Makeover

love life makeover If you are truly committed to finding the EPIC love you deserve, you’re ready to take an honest look at the dating patterns that aren’t working, and you’re ready to make the necessary shifts to attract a healthy loving relationship into your life, this program is for you.



Content Ownership & Refund Policy: All audio recordings & transcriptions produced during any workshop, tele-class or Last First Date Inner Circle session are the property of Sandy Weiner and Last First Date, LLC. Participation waives all rights in the recordings, and the audios may result in future resale. Sandy Weiner and Last First Date, LLC retain full rights in its use. We will do everything in our power to provide you the best possible service, but we do not offer refunds for this or any other coaching product.