Online Profile Video Critique

video profile critique

Your online profile is not attracting the attention you’d hoped for. The quality men are passing you over, and the only emails you’re getting are from men who haven’t worked in years, still live with their mothers, and want to know if you like older men…much older men.

If you are ready to learn the truth about what message your profile is sending, this video critique is perfect for you.

Sandy will create a personal video critique of your current profile page, including your screen name, essay, and photos. She’ll offer you her expert opinion on what’s working and what needs improvement. You’ll implement the changes, and VOILA—your online dating success increases.

But be forewarned. When you tweak your profile according to Sandy’s suggestions, you’ll probably need to get a spreadsheet ready to keep track of all the good men you’ll be attracting!

Sandy, your profile critique was really helpful. I particularly like that you said what was good that I should keep, as well as how to improve what is currently there. Also, listening to you , I realize that there is information about me buried in the “interests” section that ought to be in the profile. That comment, and encouraging me to be more specific, are really really helpful.

N.S., Massachusetts

Get your personal profile video critique!

Includes a detailed analysis of:

  • Your screen name
  • Your profile essay
  • Your photos

Here’s how it works:

After purchasing the Sapphire Profile Video Package, email Sandy with the name of the dating site you’re on and your screen name so she can critique your profile. Within 7 business days, you’ll get a video with a detailed analysis of your profile, plus suggestions for how to quickly and easily improve your online profile. An outstanding profile leads to dating success.


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