Are you feeling confused, heartbroken, or frustrated with dating at this age?

Are you having trouble finding good men to date?

How would you like to enjoy dating, have more fun, and fall in love with an amazing man?

It may seem like a fantasy to you, but this dream is within your reach. You're a remarkable woman, having achieved so much in your life. You are respected in your career. If you have children, you take pride in how you raised them---with integrity and good values.

You love your life. But there's one thing missing---a good man to share it with...

Why haven't you met him yet? Maybe you thought your friends would set you up, but they said they didn't know any good men. So, you tried online dating. You went on date after date with men who bored you. You met men who lied - about their age, height, weight, and even worse - their marital status.

Tired of all the lies and ho-hum dates, you gave up on online dating. Or you kept your profile up, hoping someone incredible would somehow find you.  That's not working very well, is it? 

You'd rather be single than settle. I don't blame you. But did you know there really are good men?

I know where they are. And I know how you can meet and attract them. I'll show you how to separate the winners from the losers, the players from the good guys. I'll even show you how to have more success on every single date - no matter what he says or does.

Hi, I'm Sandy.

Sandy Weiner

I understand what it's like to date after 40. When my 23-year marriage ended, I found myself thrust back into the dating world at age 52. I soon realized that there was more to dating than just figuring out the difference between a "wink" and a "flirt" on I still had some inner work to do so that I could become the high value woman I needed to be in order to attract the best relationship of my life.

In my past relationships, I gave up important parts of myself for men. I lost my power. I felt invisible. So I read every book I could find on healthy relationships. I studied with some of the best dating and relationship coaches. I became really good at online dating. And I began to enjoy the process. I learned to relax and be myself on every date. I had quality men falling for me for the first time in my life. I wanted to share my knowledge and expertise with other women, so I became a certified life and dating coach.

Now, I guide women to learn those same skills that helped me attract three amazing boyfriends (ultimately, these men were not the right fit for the life partner I'm seeking, but these relationships were far better than any in my past). I make sure my clients take care of their needs first (instead of giving them up to please a man). I help them date with dignity and self-respect. The women I work with know how to cut the players loose before their hearts take over. They learn self-compassion and don't expect to always get things right the first time around. Dating is complex, and the more you learn about yourself, the better the outcome of your relationships.

In my private one-on-one coaching, I love helping women attract the love of their life in the prime of their life. But I wanted to help more women find love. I wanted to make my expertise much more affordable and accessible to a greater number of women. That's why I created  a unique and value-packed group coaching program, the Last First Date Inner Circle.

The Last First Date Inner Circle 

Dating Support Leads to Dating Success! 

The Inner Circle is right for you if...

You're tired of hearing dating advice geared to younger women. 

You're ready to learn what REALLY works for attracting a grownup quality man over 40.

In the Inner Circle, I share inside information on how to understand and communicate with men.

I am your personal guide to help you find a true loving relationship with a quality man.

Plus, you'll get the support of wonderful women just like you in our private coaching forum. 

What will I receive as an Inner Circle Member?

  • Monthly Group Coaching Q&A Call

    Every month, I host a one-hour conference call on a pertinent relationship/dating theme. Following my short lecture, I open up the call for your questions and comments.

  • Digital Recordings of All Calls

    You never have to worry about missing a call, because every session is recorded. The digital MP3 link will be sent to you within 24 hours along with the call transcript.

  • Monthly Action Exercises

    You'll receive an exercise every month to reinforce the monthly topic. This will help you forward the learning and lead you to become even more successful at attracting a quality man.

  • Private Members-Only Forum

    You will have access to a private forum of wonderful like-minded women who are going through similar dating/relationship issues. I am actively involved in the group discussions. The support of a community is invaluable as you go through the frustration, confusion, and especially the successes of dating/relationships. There’s nothing like a great success story to motivate you as to what’s possible for you.

  • BONUS: Article on the Topic of the Month!

    You will receive one article every month, written by me, related to the monthly topic. My tips, scripts and dating tools have transformed my clients’ dating success. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your love life will turn around.

  • Discounts on Private Coaching

    As a member of this community, if at any time you'd like additional coaching support, you will receive a 10% discount on any monthly private one-on-one coaching program.

  • Surprises & Extras

    Every so often, there's a surprise guest for a bonus call, someone that I carefully hand-pick to share incredibly valuable content with you.

PLUS You Get 3 Valuable Bonuses for Joining!

1. Bonus Call: How to Know if He's a Keeper

Linda Carroll, therapist and best selling author of Love Cycles, talks about the 5 cycles of a relationship, and what to look for in a man to ensure that he’s a keeper (and quickly let go of the wrong men).

2. Bonus Call: How to Love Your Body After 45

Integrative Nutritionist, Nina Manolson, shares an incredibly effective exercise to help you fall in love with your body, no matter how old you are or how imperfect you think you might be.

3. Bonus Call: How to Create and Find Your Ideal Mate

Relationship Coach, Luis Congdon, shares the steps he took to find his wonderful partner in spite of a very rocky start in life. Listen to his inspiring story, and learn the tips he shares to help you find your ideal mate.

Listen to a Sample Call

Click the button below to listen to a sample Inner Circle Q&A Call, 
"How to Handle Emotional Baggage in Dating"

Proof that the Inner Circle Works...
I married the love of my life!

Working with Sandy I have come to value all that I bring to a relationship. I found a great guy online after my divorce and joined the Inner Circle to ensure I remain a high value woman for myself first and then an awesome girlfriend second. Sandy is thrilled to hear about my high points and skillfully walks me through the lows with great care. She isn’t scared to tell me what I need to hear and often has great insight into opportunities for deepening our connection. I am in love for the first time in my life and I just married the love of my life! The universe provided me with a gift by putting Sandy and the Inner Circle on my path.

Jennifer, Pennsylvania

I met the greatest guy and we just moved in together!

My turning point came when I was able to tell from early on the telltale signs of a dysfunctional relationship. I was never able to do this for myself before becoming a member of the Inner Circle! The more I loved and honored myself, the more likely I knew my chances were for attracting Mr. Right. Sure enough, I met the greatest guy and we just moved in together. Sandy, you changed my life!

Debra, Connecticut

When does the Inner Circle begin?

The Inner Circle is an on-going program designed to provide continuous support to you. You can join at any time and begin reaping the benefits of your membership right away. Our monthly calls are typically held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 12:00 PM ET/10:00 AM CT/9:00 AM PT.

What topics are discussed?

We talk about everything relevant to dating after 40. Following is a list of some of the topics we cover. This is by no means a conclusive list.

•  When to forgive a man, and when to walk away
•  How to deal with sexual pressure in dating 
•  How to handle tough or awkward questions on a date
•  Baggage handling; what to share, how to share, and when to share
•  How to amp up your femininity without giving up your power (or being fake)
•  How to recognize and quickly walk away from dangerous men
•  Balancing your heart and head in dating
•  Understanding men over 40 (learning “manspeak”)
•  Managing expectations in dating
•  How to know if you’re emasculating men (and don’t even realize it) 
•  How to understand your attachment style and how it can transform your relationships

What does it cost?

My private coaching averages $1,500 a month. The work I do with private clients is highly personalized, and the success rate is very high. I understand that private coaching is not affordable for everyone. That's why I've kept the price at only $47/month! 

Once you subscribe, you’ll get a welcome email with all the information you’ll need to join the private forum. (Note that if at any time you wish to leave the group, you can unsubscribe at any time with 72-hours notice.)

If this program calls to you, I encourage you to join us and register by clicking on the button below!

Monthly Membership

In the Inner Circle, you get to ask me questions on the monthly calls AND in the private forum, access to all digital call recordings, relevant & information-rich articles and exercises, and the support of other women like you who are ready to date with dignity. Plus there's a bonus guest call every month!

Are you ready to attract the love of your life for only $47/month?

Still have questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you still have any questions or concerns. We will make sure you feel like this is the right fit for you. Click on the button below to send us an email. 

The Last First Date Inner Circle is a monthly membership program designed to help women over 40 understand grownup men, make healthier choices in dating, and fall madly in love with themselves in order to attract and sustain a loving relationship. Once you enroll, you'll be automatically billed $47/month as long as you remain a member. To cancel at any time, please email support @ Your membership will be suspended within 72 hours. Audios for Last First Date Inner Circle calls and all support materials are the property of Last First Date, LLC and Sandy Weiner. Participation in any recorded call waives all rights in its further use. For full terms of use and privacy policy, click here.