The LOVE LIFE Makeover Program Will Help You Attract Your Best Partner!

Imagine Being in the Arms of a Man Who Loves, Adores, and Cherishes You...

He has your back, and you laugh about the same things. He’s someone you can grow with-an honest and open communicator. He makes your world a better place, and you do the same for him.

This man is not just a dream. He can be yours. Because there's nothing wrong with you. There are just some things you don't yet know about finding love after 40. 

 "Women who attract epic love after 40 know their value, understand men, communicate effectively, and trust their instincts about choosing the right partner." 

- Sandy Weiner

This Program Is For You If...

  • You love your life but struggle when it comes to finding the love you deserve.
  • You understand there are some things you don't yet know about dating and relationships, and you're open to learning.
  • You know it can take time to change unhealthy patterns and learn new dating/relationship skills, and you're willing to commit to the process.
  • You're exhausted from doing everything alone, and you'd love to have a good man at your side to support you. 
  • You realize the value of having a coach to celebrate your wins, give you new perspectives, uncover your blind spots, and partner with you on your journey to epic love.

 I will customize a plan and guide you every step of the way to your true love.

Uncover What's Blocking You

We'll identify your dating/relationship patterns and the areas that need attention. I'll help you understand how your relationship with your parents has influenced your dating patterns and how this understanding will help you make healthier choices in your romantic relationships.

Improve Communication Skills

One of the reasons women hire me is for my expertise in communication. I will help you understand men and speak your truth with men---and everyone else in your life.  You'll be able to set clear standards without feeling harsh or mean. And you will gain more respect from everyone in your life. Priceless!

Online and Offline Dating Guidance

You'll get a new online dating profile that showcases your unique personality. The right man will read it and say, "Wow! I want to get to know THAT woman!" I'll guide you through online and offline dating to help you find your last first date.

Listen to what you'll get in this coaching program:

Apply for a complimentary 45-minute Zoom meeting to see if the Love Life Makeover Program is for you!

To determine if we’re a good fit,  fill out an application to get on a call with me. I am serious about helping my clients step into their greatest life. That's why I only accept women who are truly ready to invest energetically, emotionally, and financially.  Your investment in this intimate level of private coaching ranges from $1,500 - $7,500, depending on the program that's best for you.

Your answers will help me determine whether you’re sufficiently prepared and committed to join.

If it seems like a good fit, I’ll invite you to a complimentary 45-minute session where we’ll talk about your specific needs and how I can guide you to achieve your goals.

If you’re admitted into the program, I’ll be your private coach, at your service as your behind-the-scenes catalyst for transformation.

I’ll be supporting you every step of the way—answering all your questions, shining a light on your blind spots, showing you how to dissolve your blocks, revealing what you need to do to put an end to stress and frustration, teaching you how to create a unique and compelling vision for your greatest life!

Are you ready to transform your love life and step into your full value? 

Fill out the application, and we'll set up a time to talk!

Client Success Stories...

I am in love! The universe provided me with a gift by putting Sandy on my path.

“Working with Sandy I have come to value all that I bring to a relationship. I found a great guy online after my divorce and started working with Sandy to ensure I remain a high value woman for myself first and then an awesome girlfriend second. Sandy is thrilled to hear about my high points and skillfully walks me through the lows with great care. She isn’t scared to tell me what I need to hear and often has great insight into opportunities for deepening our connection. I am in love! The universe provided me with a gift by putting Sandy on my path.” [UPDATE: Jennifer and her boyfriend got married! They have a beautiful blended family and are so happy together.] 

– Jennifer, Pennsylvania

I am now in a wonderful relationship with a really good man.

“I wanted to finally break my pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men, and I was overwhelmed and intimidated by online dating. That’s why I hired Sandy—to help me date online with increased self-love, dating and communication skills, and confidence.

Sandy wrote an excellent profile that captured the real me, selected the best pictures, and most importantly, showed me that online dating could be a positive and fun experience. I gained the confidence to be my true self when communicating with and meeting men.

I am now in a wonderful relationship with a really good man. I believe he’s in my life, because Sandy helped me step out of my comfort zone, speak up as a woman of value, and attract a man with the qualities I want and need in a relationship. Thank you Sandy!” 

– Leslie B., Portland, OR

I'm Sandy Weiner, founder of Last First Date!

After my divorce from a 23-year unhappy marriage, I set out to learn everything I could about dating and relationship success. I became a certified life coach, so I could learn why I struggled in relationships. I read scores of books, studied with many of the top experts, and began hosting a weekly podcast, where I interviewed 100's of experts in the field of dating and relationships.

Most of us have grown up in homes that didn’t model healthy relationships. That’s why we unconsciously sought out partners who mirrored our most difficult parental relationship. And that created years of frustration and anguish.

Most of us weren’t taught to love ourselves enough. So, we tolerated unhealthy relationships, because we didn't know our true worth.

When you’re schooled in healthy relationship skills, you attract a relationship with a man who values you and commits to the relationship. No more disappearing men. No more waiting for a man to change. 

No more hanging onto breadcrumbs. I want you to attract your forever love. That's why I now teach the life-changing knowledge I’ve gained over the past 14 years.

And that’s why I decided to become a dating and love coach, specializing in helping women like you find love by showing up as your authentic self with men.

With my support, you'll learn to communicate your needs and feelings effortlessly and honestly, connect to the hearts of the men you like, and know how to walk away from men who are not the right fit -without second guessing yourself.

If this resonates with you, fill out an application to help me learn more about you and see if we're a good fit. We'll get on a Zoom call and solve this love problem for once and for ALL. I've got your back. 

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More Client Success Stories...

A light inside has been turned on, and I’m sharing the real me with the world!

“I found the love of my life with your support! I now have the confidence to reach out to others, whether it be male, female, young, old, and share their sorrows and joys.

It’s easy for me to talk with anyone without judging either myself or them. I learned not to expect someone to rescue me. A light inside has been turned on and I’m sharing the real me with the world! Thank you, Sandy, for being who you are and giving your gifts to those in need!”

You can read more of Maureen’s story here.

– Maureen B., Washington

If you are lucky enough to work with Sandy, you’ll learn essential life and love skills as your self-worth increases, and you’ll relate to men in a whole new way.

“At 78, I never thought I would use a dating coach, let alone go online to find companionship. But I very much wanted to have relationships with men again after being alone for 8 years after my divorce. Sandy was very sensitive to my trepidations and listened with genuine empathy. A true professional, she expressed what she feels is absolutely essential to successfully navigating dating: being a woman of value.

I needed to increase my self-love, with the knowledge that a man would be fortunate to have me in his life, not only the other way around. Through specific exercises and visualizations Sandy helped me to internalize this in a way that made a difference.

I began to attract men in a way I never had before and to relate to them as myself. Sandy is solid not only as a professional, but trustworthy as a human being. If you are lucky enough to work with her, you’ll learn essential life and love skills as your self-worth increases, and you’ll relate to men in a whole new way.”

- Susan, Manhattan, New York

I highly recommend Sandy for her tenderness and compassion along with her positive modeling of the process of dating after divorce.

"Sandy was a positive, gentle and knowledgeable guide through the murky waters of post-divorce dating. She helped me laugh, and when necessary, lifted my chin back up and not take any of it too seriously.

I highly recommend Sandy for her tenderness and compassion along with her positive modeling of the process of dating after divorce.”

[Jane met the most amazing man online shortly after we began working together. They’ve been together for over four years. This is the most authentic, loving relationship of her life!] 

– Jane Pollak, Manhattan

I look forward to helping you go on your LAST FIRST DATE!

*NOTE: This program isn't for everyone. It is only for those who are truly committed to self-reflection, facing their fears, and making changes in order to attract and sustain lasting love. If you're interested in transforming your love life to attract a quality man, please fill out a Love Breakthrough application by clicking this link.

If I feel we're a good fit, I'll send a link to schedule a call. We'll see if we click, and if we do, I'd be happy to answer any questions and work out a payment plan to help you attract the love of your life!

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