Common Mistakes Men Make in Dating

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mistakes men make in dating

Kimberly Hill discusses the top 5 mistakes men make in dating on this episode of Last First Date Radio. You might be surprised!

Kimberly Hill is an international dating and relationship coach who supports men to attract and keep healthy, loving relationships. Kimberly’s unique coaching style brings in a humorous and lighthearted approach while getting deep into the heart of what really matters. She has experience with a wide range of modalities and practices from psychology, energy healing, mindfulness-based stress-reduction, relationship theory, dating strategy, neurolinguistics, and solution-focused coaching.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • What challenges are her typical clients going through?
  • What are the five biggest mistakes men make in dating?
  • How can they turn those mistakes around?
  • What’s a good exercise to identify your core values?

Common Mistakes Men Make in Dating

What challenges are your typical clients going through?

They are men who are in their late thirties and up. They’ve had a few relationships that didn’t work out. They want a much less frustrating way to find love. Some don’t even know where to start. Especially during the pandemic.

What are some common mistakes men make during the dating process?

I have an ebook on this that goes into greater detail.

  1. The first mistake is wondering if you’re good enough. This mindset is not supportive of the process. If you value yourself, you will feel worthy for a high value partner.
  2. The second mistake is overthinking everything and anxious texting. It often leads to miscommunication. A lot of men hide behind their phone and don’t get out and date.
  3. The third mistake is moving at lightening pace. No relationship will work with a secure woman when you rush the process. Date someone for at least three months before making a commitment.
  4. The fourth mistake is tolerating poor behavior. Many of the men I work with consider themselves people pleasers on nice guys. They tolerate disrespect in any way.
  5. The fifth mistake is dating without a clue as to what you want from a partner and a relationship. Most people don’t know what their values and standards are. If you’re a man with two children, and you don’t want more kids, that will be a strong value for you. 

What’s a good exercise to help people identify their values?

Know what you won’t tolerate again. Visit your past relationships and know what’s not going to work again.

To identify your values, you can do this exercise

  • Find a list of values on Google.
  • Looking at this list, what are the value that pop out that have been the most important to you in the last three months of your life?
  • Take the list and prioritize them. If some are similar, shave that down.
  • Then prioritize those values. Take the first value and compare it to the other nine. Ask yourself which is most important to you. Get your top three, and write what they mean to you. 

What important things should men keep in mind when looking for the right person?

Ask themselves: What do you want at this point in your life? What do you want for the future? Know where you want to go in life? You want to have similar life goals.

What can women do to improve dating success?

Stop criticizing and having such unreasonable expectations of men. Reinforce the good, and men will respond well. My boyfriend says, Treat me like a dog. Feed me snacks, rub my belly, and tell me you appreciate me. 

How did you get into this field?

When I was in university, I booked a one way ticket to Thailand for a gap year. I thought I’d be there for one semester, but I ended up traveling for ten years. I worked in corporate jobs internationally in male dominated fields. I’ve always worked well with men. I hired a coach for myself, and I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted in life and relationships. I recognized I wanted to become a coach to help others feel more empowered. I quit my corporate job, left my relationship, and moved from Australia back to Vancouver. I started coaching women on confidence and careers at first.

I then worked with another coach who helped me realize my true strengths. He told me to focus on coaching men, and my business was formed.

Where can someone reach out to you if they’d like to start a conversation about coaching?

Book a complimentary call at my website Or follow me on instagram @kimberlyninahill and you can DM me there. 

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