A relationship cannot thrive without 

Effective Communication

What do you do when your feelings are hurt? Do you speak up with kindness, or do you lash out in anger or hold back and say nothing until you can't take it anymore? Communication is THE most important skill for healthy, loving relationships. Unfortunately, most of us were never taught HOW to communicate in a way that brings us closer to the people we care about while staying true to ourselves. 

I didn't grow up with these skills, which is why I made sure to learn how to be a better communicator in ALL my relationships, starting with family, which can be the most challenging. As a coach, I've been teaching communication skills for almost two decades.

I want EVERYONE to have these skills. That's why I created a new comprehensive course for you: Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up! Communication Skills for Better Relationships. It's for people like you who want to know how to quickly process your emotions so you can communicate more effectively with everyone...especially in your romantic relationships. Are you ready to learn how to become a great communicator?

You want to communicate more effectively, but you don't always know the right words to say, especially in challenging situations. Maybe you freeze, shut down, or get confused. Or perhaps you make assumptions (that are probably wrong), but you're convinced they must be true. And that's what gets you into arguments that can be avoided.

What if there was a way to finally show up, stand up, and speak up with ease to anyone, anywhere, in any situation?

Now there is! Introducing Show Up! Stand Up! Speak Up! Communication Skills for Better Relationships. I'm a Communications and Relationship Coach, podcast host, and best-selling author, and I designed this course to give you easy-to-implement tools and frameworks that will help you improve communication skills in ALL your relationships

You'll learn how to:
  • Process your emotions
  • Communicate your feelings and needs clearly and confidently
  • Feel heard and understood
  • Deal with difficult people without shutting down or losing your power
  • Engage in active listening to create better connections
  • Fight fair and repair after arguments

By the end of this 6-week course, you'll have the skills to articulate your feelings and needs, know what to say in difficult situations, speak up with clarity and confidence, and develop the critical communication skills you need to succeed in life and love.

Registration closed for the May 2024 session

What You'll Get

  • 6 COMPREHENSIVE WORKBOOKS on Communication Skills and Tools
  • 6 VIDEO TRAINING Modules
  • WEEKLY HOMEWORK to Practice What You Learn
  • A PRIVATE GROUP FORUM to Continue the Learning Between Sessions
  • SCRIPTS for Difficult Conversations
  • Powerful FRAMEWORKS for Processing Emotions
  • PEACE OF MIND and Better Relationships!

Plus a $300 BONUS!

The first five who register will get a laser coaching session with Sandy, valued at $300!

What people are saying about

Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up!


Before working with Sandy, I would have a hard time expressing my needs when I disagreed with my boyfriend.

Sandy helped me learn to stay calm when I'm triggered. Now, we can resolve conflict quicker, easier, and in a less stressful way. And, with the tools and templates Sandy provided, we're engaged to be married this winter!



I used to shut down and not know what to say when someone wanted sex before I was ready. 

With my new skills, I no longer second-guess what to say and how to say it kindly. I learned how to speak up on dates. I can slow things down to a pace that works for me...without scaring guys away.



“If you dread having certain conversations (big or small) or feel your voice isn’t heard when you finally have them, this course is for you. Sandy gives you the tools and empowerment to effectively communicate in your romantic, professional, or family life. There is a lot of personalized one-on-one coaching in a small group setting that makes this course valuable for that alone. I am so glad I got to know Sandy and the other members of my group. I also loved the private Facebook group that was available for all of us for the duration of the course. This was an investment in myself but also in my relationship with my children, clients, and significant other.”  

Allie V.

You'll learn how to:


Identify your feelings and needs during challenges. Stop judging yourself and others so you can be more objective --- BEFORE speaking.

Notice and tame your emotional triggers so you can show up at your best.

Get calm and centered quickly.

Identify your communication archetype to better understand yourself and others.


Take a stand for what matters to you by identifying your core values and protecting them.

Communicate clearly and kindly, no matter who you’re talking to.

Connect and interact with others in a compassionate way...without second guessing yourself.

Understand body language so you can get a better read on what others are NOT saying.


Achieve win-win situations when faced with arguments and challenges.

Ask concise questions that provoke honest and truthful responses.

Know how to answer the same questions.

Use your improved communication skills to build strong and meaningful relationships.

About Your Instructor

Sandy Weiner, founder of Last First Date and The Woman of Value, is an internationally known TEDx speaker, communications and relationship coach, women's empowerment coach, author, and podcast host. She is a certified Life Coach and a master certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach. Sandy’s approach is holistic, encompassing a hybrid mix of life coaching, NLP, intuition, creativity, and Non-Violent Communication.

She's the author of, Becoming a Woman of Value: How to Thrive in Life and Love, and the host of two podcasts, Last First Date Radio and The Woman of Value Podcast. Sandy believes it's never too late to have the life and love you want!

The Details: What's In the Course?

LESSON #1   Communication Styles & Your Family Imprint

The first step in empowered communication is understanding your communication style.

We dive deeply into the four communication archetypes and your family blueprint, to learn how you developed your communication style.

You'll have fewer misunderstandings, more compassion for yourself and those with different styles, and clearer conversations with everyone. 

Name, Tame, and Process Emotional Triggers

Discover how to tame your emotional triggers so they don't keep you from having the empowered life and conversations you want to have.

You’ll also discover how to come back to center whenever you’re triggered, so you can remain calm and rational when having tough conversations.

How to Have Challenging Conversations

If you want to communicate effectively, you must learn to process your emotions, express your feelings and needs, listen well, and brainstorm for solutions that work for both of you.

Most of us have no idea where to begin. In this module, you will learn my step-by-step clear framework for how to have challenging conversations.

 Dealing With Objections & Resolving Conflict

In this unit, you’ll learn how to deal with objections when you’re trying to resolve conflict, such as dealing with a 'no', defensiveness, or hijacking the conversation.

Discover the tools you need to keep the conversation from going off the rails. Know what to do when emotions are high, so you can resolve conflict in a way that brings you closer, not farther apart.

Powerful Scripts for Challenging Conversations

In this unit, you’ll discover practical communication scripts for the most 10 common challenging situations.

You'll know what to say, when to say it, and how to best connect when you’re feeling angry, hurt, unvalued, or misunderstood.

Words that Empower, Words that Diminish 

In the final session, we’ll uncover the ‘killer’ words to stay away from in conversation and the words that are most empowering. This leads to more respect for your true worth. 

You'll develop a powerful action plan to continue to build on your improved communication skills and be able to build stronger and more meaningful relationships.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a call?

The Zoom sessions are recorded, and the recordings are posted the next day. 

What if I'm not in a relationship?

We are ALL in relationships all the time; whether at work with colleagues and bosses, with family and friends, or with romantic partners. This course will help with all your relationships.

How long will the course content be accessible?

You have lifetime access to the course materials!

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