Confusing Intuition and Triggers in Dating and Relationships

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Confusing Intuition and Triggers

Do you have trouble distinguishing between your intuition and triggers? This could be what’s keeping you from true love. Check out this video to learn more.

If you have trouble distinguishing between your brilliant intuition and the triggers from your past, you’re listening to the wrong inner guide. This can be one of the key reasons you’re single. You’re being reactive instead of proactive in your love life. Many women who are dating after 40 are unknowingly shutting down their hearts to love by thinking that their triggers, which are based in fear and self-protection, are telling the truth. Your intuition, which is based in love and core values, is the real truth-teller, your guide to true love. I created a video to explain this further…

Confusing Intuition and Triggers in Dating and Relationships

What’s the difference between intuition and triggers?

Intuition: Our intuition comes from aligning with our core values. It’s pulled from past knowledge and experience, and its purpose is to help us be true to ourselves.

Triggers: Our triggers come from fear, self-protection, and past pain. We recognize a trigger when we have emotional reactivity.

How to Identify Intuition:

• There’s a sense of ‘knowing’ more than a logical or highly emotional response.
• It is instantly felt and fluid.
• It feels definitive, and you don’t overanalyze it.
• It feels ‘right’, simple, and comfortable.
• It feels loving, supportive, and expansive.
• It feels present.


How to Identify Triggers:

• It feels highly emotional or causes a feeling of anxiety, and may even trigger physical symptoms like a headache or stomach ache.
• It triggers an adrenal response and activates your ‘flight, fight, or freeze’ response.
• It can feel repetitive, loud or demanding, causing overanalyzing and ruminating.
• It can feel confusing, causing you to question, ‘what if this happened or that happened’.
• It feels harsh or restrictive.
• It’s usually about fears of something happening in the future, scenarios that have not happened yet.

When have you unknowingly sabotaged a relationship by confusing intuition and triggers?

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