How to Courageously Stand Up to People in Positions of Power

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If you’ve ever been in a situation where people in positions of power put you down or made you feel small or insignificant, this video is for you.

Have you ever been in a situation where people in positions of power, like a teacher, a boss, or a spiritual leader, put you down or made you feel small or insignificant? What did you do?

Were you intimidated because of their position of power? Did you shut down? Did you think they must know what they’re talking about, so you questioned your instincts? Did you speak up?

Or did you just walk away to find another spiritual leader/teacher/boss?

In today’s video, Theresa Byrne and I share helpful and practical tips about what to do when faced with this common boundary challenge.

How to Courageously Stand Up to People in Positions of Power

One of the reasons Theresa Byrne and I love doing these videos and working together as co-creators of Boundaries for Beautiful Relationships Program is although both have distinctly different backgrounds, we both have a deep love for boundaries.

You get not one, but two experts helping to guide you in the often confusing world of how to set healthy boundaries.

This video is about people in high positions of power who use their authority to intimidate, put you down, or shame you.

This is a tricky situation, because most of us have been taught to respect or obey authority. So, it can be difficult to know how to handle this boundary crossing with grace.

Why is this it so challenging to stand up to people in positions of power?

This type of situation will create an automated reaction which has been imprinted in us culturally. It’s one reason this boundary challenge will require some additional cognitive and somatic (body/feelings) processing. The fear is greater!

People assume “spiritual” teachers are somehow enlightened or better human beings.

We want you to begin trusting your own instincts and learn how to stand up for yourself, especially when people in power cross your boundary.

In the video, we each share a personal story about a person in power who challenged us and what we did. Then we show you some options for what you can do the next time you’re in a situation with someone in power who crosses your personal boundary.

Watch the video below, and as always, we want you to be present and not have to take notes. That’s why there’s a free cheat sheet for you to download.

Please leave a comment below, and let us know your experience with spiritual leaders/teachers/bosses who crossed your boundary and used their power to intimidate or make you wrong. What did you do? What will you do next time this happens?

If you like this video, please share with your friends. And remember, BOUNDARIES HELP YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIPS!


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