Create a Great Relationship During Quarantine and Beyond

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relationship during quarantine

Brendon Watt shows us how to create a great relationship during quarantine…and beyond! This episode will make you think about what you want to create.

Brendon Watt spoke with me about how to create a great relationship during quarantine. He is a speaker, entrepreneur and life mentor. He’s the co-author of the best-selling book, Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One? and is co-founder of the Relationship Done Different workshop series. Brendon is the CFO of Access Consciousness®, transforming lives in 174 countries, facilitating classes and workshops all over the world, encouraging others to step out of judgement and into a more authentic, fulfilling life.   

In this episode:

  • How to deal with a partner who’s getting on your nerves when in quarantine
  • Creative ways to keep the peace when sheltering at home
  • If you’re single and lonely during quarantine, how can you thrive?
  • What is Relationship Done Different?       

EP 402: Lockdown Lovers – Expert Tips to Create a Great Relationship During Quarantine

With the coronavirus, most of us have been sheltering at home for a few months. Many couples are going stir crazy. If someone’s partner is getting on their nerves, what is the best way to approach it?

Do something different than you’ve done. The couples that get along look at their relationship every day, asking what they can do differently. It’s not just about maintenance. It’s about creating. An example might be: if you’re in a house spending a lot of time together. How can we give each other more space? You might want to rearrange the house. What about making life more spontaneous and asking what you can contribute to that person. Start a gratitude list, even one thing a day you’re grateful for in that person. When you have an argument, take out that list. 

If you need to, take a break, and then go back into question and talk again.

Look at the expectations you have of the other person. If you’re cranky and they’re happy, it will drive you mad. With the expectation that they’re too happy, you separate and judge them. Ask yourself, “I’m choosing this for what reason?” “Now, what other choice do I have?” Another tool is, go for your upset feelings. Indulge in it. You’ll probably give it up after a short time. 

When we’re in expectation and projection of someone, get into allowance. Every time this comes up, say to yourself, “Interesting point of view.” Think about the freedom you’ll have when you allow. 

If you’re really frustrated, ask, “What would it take to have more ease with this?” And if someone is single and feeling lonely, can you offer supportive advice to them?

If you’re looking for what you can’t have right now, dates, what if you could spend this time creating a better relationship with yourself?

There are five elements of intimacy: Honor, gratitude, trust, vulnerability, and allowance. What if you made a sticky note for each of these every day?

Trusting yourself is knowing you can choose something greater beyond what you’ve chosen. Being vulnerable with yourself is expressing how you feel. What would it take for me to change this? Take the walls down. Gratitude means you can make a list of what you’re grateful about for yourself. This can be hard, but do it. You can’t have judgment and gratitude together. Honor means honoring you and your choices. You’ll be there for you no matter what. 

For those who say they’re trying to get into a relationship but can’t, ask yourself, “Do you really want one?” There’s something you don’t desire. What if you could create a relationship that works for you? What would it look like? Get honest about this.

What is “Relationships Done Different”?

We started it two years ago. Relationships are where people have so much trouble, and are often afraid to look at it. We often learn about relationships from people who are not good at it. Improve your relationship with yourself, your partner, your kids. 

People come to our classes and want change. I ask what’s the most insane point of view you have about relationship? If we acknowledge it, we can change it. For me, I used to say, “I need someone in my life.” I learned to look at the source of our need. 

When is your next class?

We have one that started April 30th online. It used to be a 2 ½ day class. It’s three hours a day for five days. All our classes are online. It’s amazing how connected we all are with each other.

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