Cross-Cultural Dating With Frederica Noble

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Dr. Frederica Noble became an expert at cross-cultural dating when she met and married a British man. Listen to her story here!

Frederica Hendricks Noble is a trained psychologist and life coach. Born in Detroit, she met her Englishman while living in Los Angeles. Frederica left the U.S. and moved to England to live and work. Frederica is now the Principal Consultant and Lead Life Strategist at Noble & Noble Consulting, where she coaches private clients through personal and professional transitions.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • How Frederica met her husband from ‘across the pond’
  • Why she wrote ‘The Special Relationship’
  • How dating someone from a different culture give her a new perspective on being American
  • Why a map and technology can help you with cross-cultural dating
  • How you can date across cultures with greater ease

Cross-Cultural Dating With Frederica Noble

How did online dating jumpstart your relationship with someone from “across the pond”?

This was in the early days of online dating. My best girlfriend suggested I try online dating. On my profile, I said, I like men with accents.One man intrigued me, and once I heard his voice, he swept me off my feet.

Why did you write your book, “The Special Relationship”?

It’s a little bit of a play on words, because dating back to WWII, Great Britain was our greatest ally. So not only did I have a special relationship, but America and Great Britain have a special relationship.

We went through all the regular relationship challenges, but we also had cross cultural challenges. Their culture is different. We speak American, not English. I wrote the book, because it’s the book I wished I had when we dated and eventually got married.

Funny story: My now husband, Richard, had come to L.A. to work, and he said, shall we meet for dinner? He showed up at 1 PM! I thought we were meeting for dinner, not lunch. What was lost in translation was that dinner was lunch, and our dinner was tea.

How did dating someone from a different culture give you perspective on being American?

I found living in England that when people hear my voice, they say, “Oh, you’re American!” It happens throughout Europe that people identify by their nationality rather than their race. People here are interested in American culture. In advertisements, they’ll say ‘American size refrigerator’ which for us is a normal size. 

Space is a premium here, and they use much more wardrobes than closets. I took for granted  the space I have in America.

Why do you say a map and technology can help your first date go well?

Technology can help you find out more about your potential partner. You can google them before you meet. Having a map can help you learn about the country they live in. It will give you perspective on their background. Richard grew up in Bristol, which has a different vibe from London, and it helped me understand him better.

How can you help others navigate cultural differences when dating?

  1. Maintain your sense of curiosity and openness to the other person’s perspective.
  2. Be vulnerable and not afraid to ask questions about anything you don’t know.
  3. Bring your authentic self to the relationship.

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