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happy marriageMichele-Marie Roberts is a single mother with two young autistic sons. After feeling frustrated with her inability to find men to date who were understanding of her often challenging life and willing to be flexible and tolerant of her situation, Roberts began WAVELENGTHdating, a dating website where people in circumstances like hers could date someone on the same wavelength. She began it in the UK, but has now established a U.S. version of the site. Note: Roberts recently became engaged to a man she met on! Following are a few loosely transcribed highlights of our radio interview this week. 

1. As a single mom with two young sons, both of whom have autism, what are some of the specific dating challenges people in your situation face?

My youngest son is profoundly without speech. It’s not easy to find a man who’s willing to take on the challenges of raising two special needs children. It’s hard to date someone on the same wavelength. My sons are 12 and 17. My fianc√©, Spencer, has two kids, 32 and 18. He’s an extremely accepting person. He’s one of the least judgmental people I’ve ever met. And he has a big heart. He is great with my boys.

I encourage people to be flexible in their search for a partner online. I almost shot myself in the foot by being too narrow in my online profile specifications on age and geographical location. Spencer is younger and lives an hour and a half outside of my geographical area. People do come with baggage, so accept that they will. Spencer reached out to me online. I would not have found him otherwise. He is very charismatic, so we found somewhere to meet July 27th at 10 in the morning and ended at 11:15 at night! The rest is history!

2. How does your website,, help address those challenges?

I started the site primarily for single parents, especially those with special needs children. I felt that was like a human eBay. I was too zonked at the end of the day to start going through the plethora of people. I figured if I niched my online search, it would cut down the amount of time it took to find a great match. If you are a single parent, especially of special needs children, your resources are limited. It becomes problematic. if you’re starting on the same footing as another single parent, you have empathy for each other, not shock and horror. I have started groups for the bereaved, shy, and over fifties singles. They are all individually niched. My prices are low, and I do want people to cancel because they’ve met someone!

Listen to Dating on the Same Wavelength. Michele-Marie Roberts was a delightful guest, full of positive energy, and a sexy English accent to boot!

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