Dating 101: Heed These 4 Tips to Impress Your Date

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impress your dateWant to impress your date? You might want to start with cleaning up your car!

What does your car say about you when you’re dating? The best qualities of your ride can speak volumes, but certainly not as loud as the worst qualities of your vehicle.

Luxury auto experts and neophytes alike understand the cache and value of a BMW or Mercedes hood emblem, but it’s not like you need to buy (or rent) a Ferrari to make a good first impression.

So, when putting your best foot forward for the next date, focus more on these not-to-dos rather than the to-dos.

Dings and Scratches

Over time, every car will get a few nicks here and there — there’s no avoiding it — but if you don’t get a hand wax at least once every six months, you expose your paint to more damage than with regular maintenance. You can pay a car wash dealer to wax it for you, but it’s not a difficult DIY project.


Interior Mess

Chipped paint and faded colors on your vehicle’s exterior is forgivable, but there is no excuse for a mess on the inside. Strive to keep it spotless on the inside, but if you need a list of priorities, this is where you should focus:

  • Big trash: Get rid of unused water bottles, paper, clothes or anything else causing clutter in your front or backseat.
  • Small trash: Don’t let old receipts or straw wrappers build up in your center console.
  • Vacuum: Find a self-service car wash and vacuum your seats and carpets.
  • Keep it fresh: Get an air freshener to eliminate the odor, but don’t overdo it.

Broken Parts, Engine Noises

Having obvious broken parts on your vehicle’s interior or exterior won’t fly. A glove box that doesn’t open easily is okay, but a rear-view mirror hanging by a wire is definitely not. While some repairs will require a body shop, you would be surprised what you can accomplish in your own garage.

As for engine noise, this issue is more complicated. You don’t want to go ripping things apart under the hood, but there is a way to at least diagnose issues before seeing a mechanic.

Automatic is a small device that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostics port and connects with your smartphone to track everything from mileage to engine issues. Equip your vehicle with one of these devices and you may be able to fix issues faster.

Worn Tires, Scuffed Rims

This one might be the hardest to notice but speaks the most volumes about safety. Worn tires and scuffed rims signify a big red flag: bad driving. And while your bad driving habits may not be a deal breaker, it could signify chaos and recklessness in your life — something for which you certainly don’t want to be associated. Improve your grip on the road and roll in style with a set of high-performance tires. They won’t fix your bad driving, but they will look good and keep you on the asphalt during slick conditions.


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