Dating? 5 tips to Redecorate with Romance in Mind

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redecorate with romance in mindInterested in updating your home to create a more peaceful ambiance? If you’re back in the dating game and want to infuse your home with less stress and more romance, consider this how-to guide on how to redecorate with romance in mind.





5 tips to Redecorate with Romance in Mind

1. Declutter

The first step in creating a romantic home is a lot like the first step in romance: find out what you love and keep it. Let everything else go. Begin by removing every item from the walls and furniture. Evaluate each item’s aesthetic and nostalgic value. Ask, “Does this enrich my life?” Sort the items into three groups: things you love, things you’re unsure about, and things you don’t care for. Bag the third group and take it immediately to the nearest donation center. Then take the items you love and put them back on the walls and furniture, dusting and rearranging them as needed. Then leave the house for a break and a palette cleanser — get some coffee, go out to lunch or see a movie. When you return, if a few items seem to be calling your name, gather them back up. Otherwise donate or recycle them and don’t look back.

2. Paint color

Choosing a great paint color goes a long way in improving a home’s overall ambiance. Consider classic, relaxing shades for an elegant bedroom, like the silvery blue color of Alicia Florrick’s Chicago apartment on “The Good Wife.” For a little glamour, opt for a swanky jewel tone in the entryway or hallway. A bold red, orange or navy blue isn’t as risky in a small space. Not as much time is spent there so it’s unlikely to irritate anyone, plus rich colors set a dramatic and memorable stage for first-time guests.

3. Lighting

For a romantic vibe, soft, sparkly lighting is a flattering and easy must. Install accent lighting like wall sconces, under-the-counter lighting or picture lights. For the sake of continuity, choose fixtures with a similar finish throughout the home. Silvery finishes like brushed nickel or chrome will feel cleaner and more modern, while gold or brass finishes will feel more old-world. For those uncomfortable with doing electrical work or unable to hire a professional electrician, consider purchasing some plug-in lighting like the Barclay Arc Sconce from, or the Format LED cabinet light from

4. Upgrades

Investing in an upgrade like a fireplace or hot tub not only heightens the drama and romance of a home, but it also adds to its overall value. Nothing beats the wow-factor of soaking in a hot tub under the stars, surrounded by candlelight and soft music. Plus, spa ownership can be surprisingly manageable with the right tools and regularly scheduled cleanings. Supplies to sanitize and balance spa water, including weekly test strips, can be bought online at

5. Decor

Complete the romantic patina of your home with a few decorative touches. With some of your former pieces removed and recycled, you should have plenty of room for new art work and maybe even a statement piece. To get started, consider placing an elaborate mirror over the fireplace, like the Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Hang an inspiring piece of impressionistic artwork from on a living room wall, and use a white orchid as a stunning centerpiece for the dining room table. Finish the home with lavender-scented candles.

Now that you’ve learned how to redecorate with romance in mind, you’re ready to invite new love in. Relax and enjoy. Aah…


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