Dating After a 24-Year Unhealthy Marriage

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How do you date again after a long unhealthy marriage? I coach Michelle on this episode to help her succeed in love this time around.

If you’ve been in an unhealthy marriage, and you’re out there dating again, this episode is for you. I coach Michelle, who is struggling with re-entering the dating world after an emotionally abusive 24-year marriage. She’s been in therapy to process the abuse and learn about healthy attachments and good communication.

She’s well educated, financially secure, and independent, which she believes seems to scare off potential dates. What’s really going on and how can she find love this time around? Listen to this episode to see what we uncover through our coaching session.

Dating After a 24-Year Unhealthy Marriage

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • The invisible trauma of emotional abuse
  • The PTSD that comes up when dating again
  • The true reason Michelle is struggling with dating (it’s not what she thinks)
  • Homework that can help you go on your last first date!

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