Dating App Etiquette: When and How to End Conversations 

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how to end conversations

When you’re no longer interested in a match on a dating app, do you know when and how to end conversations? Watch this video to find out.

You’ve been texting someone on the dating apps. It’s either not going anywhere, you’re turned off, or you simply realize you’re no longer interested in that person. You want to to stop texting, but you don’t know when and how to end the conversation. Watch this video!

When and How to End Conversations

A few reminders about texting on the apps:

1. A profile is not a person. Don’t get emotionally invested before you meet and know each other.

2. Dating apps are should be called introduction apps. Just because someone matched with you, doesn’t mean they want to go on a date with you or think you are compatible.  Matches are meant to be explored to see if there is additional interest beyond a first impression. 

When to end the conversation

  • Gets sexual too quickly
  • It’s not going anywhere
  • Feels scammy (hey beautiful, etc)
  • They don’t respond to your messages
  • There’s too much time between texts
  • It doesn’t feel like you have much in common

How to end conversations with someone you’ve been texting on an app

1. Remember, you don’t owe a response to everyone who messages you. If they’ve put in low or no effort, or they’re abusive in any way, just un-match.

2. If you’ve been texting for a while and you realize there’s not enough to keep going, be short, kind, and clear.

Example: “It’s been nice getting to know you. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the connection I’m looking for. I wish you all the best in your search.”

The purpose of dating apps is to get off the apps and actually meet people and go on dates.

If you keep texting people who don’t feel like potential dates, it can lead to burnout and boredom. So, keep your inbox moving until you find someone you like. 

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