How Dating Data Can Restore Your Faith in Love

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Frustrated with online dating? Megan Murray, editor in chief at Zoosk, shares how dating data can help you succeed at finding true love.

My radio guest, Megan Murray, spoke with me about how we can learn about success at love through dating data. She is the Senior Content Strategist and Editor-in-Chief at Zoosk. She splits her time between product management work and writing, editing and managing Zoosk’s online publication, The Date Mix. Megan also collaborates with user researchers, product managers and engineers to develop new features and create content that improves the user experience.

Highlights below for episode #274: Can Dating Data Restore Your Faith in Love?

How Dating Data Can Restore Your Faith in Love

How can you use data science to make finding a match easier?

One of the interesting things about what we do at Zoosk is working with the team that looks into the trends that work in dating. We can learn do’s and don’t’s from the dating data.

For example we found that people who have an animal in their profile get fewer messages. [Note: If you love your pet like I do, you may not want to heed that advice]. 

Some of the date we’ve found:

People with sunglasses get 63% fewer messages.

Group photos get 43% fewer messages. It’s too hard to figure out which one is you!

Mentioning your children helps. (Listen to the episode to find out why).


What are the most common mistakes people make when they set up an online dating profile?

Saying you’re busy in your profile can be interpreted as you not having enough time for a relationship.

Another mistake is not filling everything out in your profile. You get 28% more messages if you fill everything out. Verifying your profile also helps. When you don’t fill things out, it can come across as not putting in effort.

If you fill out your ‘perfect match’, you get 31% more messages.

Another thing that helps is when you’re more positive. If you use words that are negative, or even saying ‘maybe’, or ‘I don’t know’, you’ll get fewer messages.

Conversely, mentioning ‘laugh’ or ‘healthy’ gets you 17% more messages.

Anything that hides you, including a hat, gets fewer messages. 


What do successful dating profiles have in common?

Women can help men write the first message to you by doing something specific in your profile pics that he can comment on, or by asking a question in your profile that he can answer in a first message.

Be specific and talk about details. Instead of saying, “I like cooking”, say “I have a great recipe for spaghetti”, or “I like cooking because it makes me feel at home”.

Make sure you include a full body photo. It will get you up to 203% more messages.

If you reach out to someone, you get 33% more responses if you have a full body shot.

Show your weird side! You’re not there to be liked by everyone. You want to be liked for you. “I like watching horror movies” makes you unique and will attract someone who likes you for you.


Who are the most ‘desirable’ singles online?

We looked through ‘perfect match’ on our site, and the word that gets mentioned most often for women is honest, and number two is fun. For men it’s fun first, honest second. 

Everyone is looking for a genuine experience. Profiles that stand out give you a window into someone’s life. It makes you stand out against fake profiles.

Talk about your passions, the hike you went on last weekend.

The biggest takeaway I’d like people to know is that there are a lot of people out there who are scared and vulnerable, too. Being open minded, reaching out to people, being honest about who you are from the beginning with a positive attitude is important. We’ve all had tough relationships in our past. Be open to new people and experiences. 

Check out the Date Mix and you can read the surveys mentioned in this interview, plus lots of other great dating advice that can help you go on your last first date!

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