Dating Fatigue: 5 Reasons to Take a Dating Break

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dating fatigue

If you have dating fatigue, it’s time to take a break. In this video, learn five benefits of taking a dating break.

Do you have dating fatigue? It might be time to take a break from dating. Maybe you’re feeling burned out, or you’ve had a several conversations fizzle out in a way that left you frustrated, or you’re just busy right now and focused on other things. Whatever the case, if you feel you’re not in the right place to date, stepping back for some time—whether it’s for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks—can be very beneficial. Here are five reasons and benefits of taking a dating break.

5 Reasons to Take a Dating Break

1. You’re bored with dating

2. You’re consumed with dating and neglecting other aspects of your life

3. Dating makes you feel bad about yourself and/or the people you date

4. You’re losing hope and giving up on finding love

5. You’re too busy to date and feeling overwhelmed

Once you’re clear about why you want to take a break, you can take the time to address that area of your life. If you’re feeling too busy or overwhelmed, you might want to figure out a better work-life balance; if dating is making you feel bad about yourself, it would be helpful to work on feeling more confident on your own.

Whatever the reason for taking a break, it’s good to view this pause as a time for intentionally nurturing your own needs, whether they’re physical, emotional, or psychological. Establish healthier ways to take care of yourself.

Look at the unhealthy patterns you may be repeating in your love life that are causing your fatigue. Are you continuing to message or date men who don’t show mutual interest? Is your online dating inbox filled with people you’re not interested in? Declutter your dating life!

5 Benefits of Taking a Dating Break

1. You can gain new perspectives about dating

2. You can focus on your life and the activities, hobbies, or people you may have neglected

3. You will be more excited and clear when you date again

4. You might be open to meeting someone you wouldn’t have considered before

5. You’ll have increased energy and a better mindset around dating

If you take the time to relax and focus on yourself and what’s been missing in your dating life, you’ll be able to return to dating feeling recharged and excited to make a meaningful connection. 

Have you ever taken a dating break due to dating fatigue? Please share your thoughts below.

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