Dating IRL: 5 Steps to Making a Romantic Connection

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dating irl

Interested in dating IRL, but don’t know how to make a romantic connection? Here are 5 tips that will help meet your match offline!

If you’re sick of online dating and want to learn more about dating IRL, you’re not alone. Dating apps can be frustrating and lead you to stop dating altogether. Instead, go out and meet potential matches in real life. But how do you start a conversation that leads to a date? How do you know if they’re single or not? How do you make a romantic connection IRL? Here are 5 steps to meet your match offline.

In order to make a romantic connection, you have to get out of your comfort zone and be intentional. Dress with confidence and wear something that could start a conversation, such as an interesting necklace or earrings, a cool shirt with your favorite quote, or beaded sandals that you bought when on vacation. 

Dating IRL: 5 Steps to Making a Romantic Connection

Step 1: Leave your house! Join a hiking or biking group. Go to the gym, a dog park, a concert, the beach, or a farmer’s market. The key is to get out and be around people.

Step 2: Approach everyone. Don’t try to figure out if they’re single or not. If you like someone, approach them and start a conversation. If they’re wearing a wedding band, ask how they met their wife.

Step 3: Create an icebreaker. Think about something you’d feel comfortable saying to anyone you meet in the real world. A few examples: comment on something they’re wearing or on your surroundings (beautiful day for a hike, don’t you think?).

Step 4: Go deeper. After you break the ice, ask something like, “How’s your day going so far?” Or “What made you sign up for this class?” See what they say, and follow up with an open-ended question. 

Step 5: Lead the conversation to a date. Ask about activities he likes or what he does for fun. Any fun plans for the weekend? That will give you date idea. “Oh, you’re going bowling? I love to bowl and haven’t been in ages. Would you like to bowl together some time?” You’re not asking him out, you’re giving him a green light to ask you out.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in dating IRL and you’re attracted to someone you see, make a connection. Because you miss all the chances you don’t take!

*Shoutout to Camille Virginia for sharing some of these tips on my podcast a few years ago. She’s the Offline Dating expert!*

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