Which Dating Website Is Right for You?

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With over 1,000 new dating services opening yearly, how do you choose which dating website is a good fit for you? Check out this infographic to find out.

Online dating was once seen as a shady, murky activity where users were taking substantial risks with prospective partners and would often cover up their presence on an online dating website, given that these were taboo. In recent times, though, numerous online dating platforms have emerged and the stigma of old has largely dissipated. Indeed, so rich is the selection of dating sites now that it isn’t just about picking one which seems trustworthy.

Before you sign up to an online dating website, you should establish the overriding goal of your online dating experience. Do you only want to dip your toes into the realm of casual dating or do you have intentions of plunging deeper into a lasting relationship? For women in their 40s, it’s more likely to be the latter, as the desire for a long-term relationship tends to grow with age. Also, the likelihood of striking gold on Tinder is rather slim, but it does happen every day.

If your work or life schedule limits your window of leisure time for online dating…

Sites such as Plenty of Fish are generally quick to register for and use. For those seeking to obtain as much information as possible about prospective dates, they may be better taking their chances on a site like OKCupid, which is forensic about its calculation of chemistry between users. If you really want to go all-out in finding the right man for you, there are paid sites like eHarmony and Match.com which are committed to pairing users only if there is a strong mutual connection.

Which Dating Website Is Right for You?

Here’s an infographic from Bespoke Diamonds which compares some of the best-known dating websites, categorizes them by the seriousness of users’ interest in long-term commitment and lists important pointers about staying safe when dating online. Hopefully you will be able to pick out the right site for you instead of blindly taking a chance on one just because you heard good things about it.

Which is your favorite dating website? 


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