Dating With an Avoidant Attachment Style

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avoidant attachment style

If you have an avoidant attachment style, it can be challenging to date. In this video, learn the steps to a healthy relationship.

Are you dating with an avoidant attachment style? Most articles and videos talk about what do if you’re dating an avoidant, but there aren’t many that discuss what to do if you’re the avoidant. In this video, I share what to do if you’re a person who avoids intimacy or gets scared when someone gets too close in dating and relationships.

Dating With an Avoidant Attachment Style

What’s avoidant attachment?

If you grew up in a home with parents who were very rigid and emotionally distant, didn’t allow feelings to be expressed, and left you alone to deal with emotions, you probably developed an avoidant attachment style. This is one of the “insecure attachment styles” identified by psychologists.

As an adult, you may appear confident and self-sufficient, but in relationships, it’s difficult for you to be intimate and close with a partner. That makes it challenging to develop healthy relationships.

How to work with your avoidant attachment in dating

1. Be aware when you begin to create distance in a relationship

2. Discover a pace that works for you

3. Slowly increase your tolerance for intimacy and closeness

4. When you’re overwhelmed, take some space

5. Tame your inner critic

6. Get support

People with an avoidant attachment style can learn to develop healthy, intimate, close relationships. If you follow the six steps above, your nervous system will eventually begin to self-regulate, and you’ll be less likely to run away from intimacy.

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