Dealing with Breakup or Rejection Like an Adult

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dealing with breakup

If you’ve ever gone through a breakup, you know how painful it can be. These four excellent tips will help you recover and heal.

When you get dumped or turned down for a date in high school or college, you go through a lot of highs and lows. You may become irrational or depressed, and it can be difficult to know how to cope. But as we get older and gain more relationship experience, we are capable of growing emotionally and learning how to recover gracefully from a breakup or rejection without letting it consume our lives.

If you’ve ever gone through a breakup, you know how painful it can be. Nonetheless, there are many mature ways to cope with the disappointing emotional roller coaster of breaking up, allowing you to recover quickly and move on with your life.

4 Grownup Ways for Dealing with a Breakup or Rejection


#1. Stay Away From Social Media & Put off the ‘Just Friends’ Stage

A common mistake many people make when ending a relationship or being turned down is to suggest, “Maybe we can just be friends.” It may seem like the mature thing to do, but it will just become more painful and difficult to move on in the long run. During the first raw months of a breakup, you should block or delete your ex-lover from social media and maybe even take his number out of your phone. As Cosmopolitan points out, you don’t know if you will be able to be friends and forcing it will just make it harder. Take some time away first. You may eventually be able to reconnect as friends without the emotional attachment.

#2. Create a Refreshing Change of Scenery

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, your home will most likely hold many reminders and mementos that are painful to look at. Getting rid of these things or even just putting them away will help you remove those reminders from view. suggests cleaning up your apartment and changing some decor to help you feel like you are getting a fresh start. Make the space your own with new pillows and sheets and artwork you like. If being at home is still a sad reminder, ask a friend if you can stay with them for a few days or take a mini staycation to recharge and heal.

#3. Love Yourself & Embrace Your ‘Me’ Time

After the hurt and emotional stress of rejection or a breakup, it can be easy to blame yourself and conclude that there is something wrong with you. The truth is, everyone goes through heartbreak and unsuccessful relationships. According to Psychology Today, one of the most important phrases you can say to yourself is “I love myself.” It might sound weird and corny to say, but focusing on yourself will help you value your needs and wants. Go out for drinks with your friends, treat yourself to a spa day, take a solo day trip or give yourself to a gift basket. Seize this opportunity to figure out exactly what you want for your future.

#4. Stay Healthy & Happy

It is all too easy to want to crawl under the covers, drink a bottle of whiskey and eat ice cream like there is no tomorrow when you’ve felt the sting of love lost. But staying out late and drinking or eating junk food will only make you feel physically and emotionally worse. The Huffington Post recommends some things you can do that will help fend off the temptation to fall into unhealthy habits. Instead of reaching for a cocktail or cigarette when you are feeling down, sit and meditate or do yoga for 20 or 30 minutes. Make a point to cook healthy meals for yourself at regular times and go to bed at a reasonable hour every night so you don’t lose sleep. Staying healthy will help you recover faster and stay happy.

Do you have any additional breakup recovery tips? Please share them in the comments below.


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