Decluttering Your Emotional Closet to Find Lasting Love

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decluttering your emotional closet

[PODCAST] Looking for love? Spend time decluttering your emotional closet! My podcast guest, Laura Richer, shows you how.

My podcast guest, Laura Richer, is a certified hypnotherapist, dating coach, and owner of Richer Healing in Seattle, WA. She developed the Richer Love Program to help women build healthy self-esteem and support her clients to find the relationship they want and deserve. Laura is also the host of “The Laura Richer Show” heard on KKNW 1150AM Radio in Seattle. On her show, she has featured prominent relationship authorities and authors, bringing new insights into the art of love.

Check out highlights below and listen to/download EP356: Decluttering Your Emotional Closet to Find Lasting Love.

Decluttering Your Emotional Closet to Find Lasting Love

What inspired you to do this work as a dating coach?

After I got divorced, I found dating to be a frustrating experience. Online dating was all new to me, and I made so many mistakes. I wanted to share what I learned with my clients [and show them] it doesn’t have to be so painful.

How did you find love again?

I’ve been with my partner for three years. I met him when I was out with friends one night. I was clear about what I was looking for, and I was feeling fantastic about my life. It was a journey to get there, but it was so worth it.

Why do you need to declutter your emotional closet and let go of past relationships before you start dating?

The work I didn’t know I had to do when I started dating was to look at my belief systems that got me to where I was in relationships. [It’s important to look at:] What are you believing consciously and subconsciously that’s creating your [dating and relationship] outcomes?

Identify your [limiting] beliefs. Maybe it’s, “there is no one for me” or “I have to take what I can get”.

Make sure you’ve done the work to process and let go of past/painful relationships [in order to move on and have the love you deserve].

What kinds of things do people hold onto, and how can they let go?

It’s different for everyone. Identify what you’re holding onto, whether it’s the way you were treated or an experience you had. Become mindful of the fears you have and how much you’re projecting it in your current situation. Sometimes it’s unconscious.

15:00 Listen as Laura shares a story about a client who transformed by identifying her limiting beliefs and letting go of past pain.

How can Hypnotherapy help support you when you are dating?

There are two ways hypnosis supports my clients.

1. Letting go of past relationships by revisiting the relationships via visualization.

2. It helps clients identify their unconscious beliefs and offers the opportunity to visualize what you want to create.

How does energy work help your dating coach clients?

Energy work [like Reiki] addresses the blocks in energy. When you’ve experienced trauma, it helps the energy flow again for optimal health.

What’s your best advice for women who want to go on their last first date?

Know what your standards and expectations are for the right partner for you. You’ll stop going on second and third dates with men who are not a good fit. When you’re choosing men from this place of alignment, you’ll date less often, and you’ll find your true love much quicker.

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