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How to Ditch the Dating Drama - Last First Date | Last First Date

How to Ditch the Dating Drama

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dating drama

Tired of dating drama? My radio guest, Camie Vincent wrote the book on how to date without drama. Check out her great tips here.

My radio guest, Camie Vincent, is a psychotherapist in private-practice near Atlanta, Georgia. Her book, Drama Free Dating, was the topic of discussion in this week’s episode. Camie is a world traveler and appreciates the little things in life. She writes an advice column for dating/relationships, is a romantic at heart, and wholeheartedly believes in love.

Check out highlights for episode #292: Drama Free Dating With Therapist and Author Camie Vincent. 

How to Ditch the Dating Drama

How did drama show up in your dating life?

I’ve had my share of relationships that were toxic over the years. I learned a lot from these relationships. I was always that friend who my male and female friends came to for advice. Sometimes what [men and women] said was similar, and sometimes men and women were so polar opposite. I wrote the book to talk about different viewpoints on dating and relationships.


How do you define dating drama?

Drama to me is best defined as insecurities. If someone is jealous, controlling, or trying to change someone else, it comes from our past. We learn to love and communicate from watching whoever raised us. We don’t always have the best role models.


What are a few ways to avoid dating drama?

First, when people get out of one relationship, they need to ask themselves what they learned from it. Look at the past three relationships, and see if there are similarities.
Ask yourself, “What am I looking for in a partner?” Don’t settle. Love yourself first. Work on your insecurities. Be fine being alone for awhile.


What are some of the dating differences between men and women?

Men want to ease into a relationship. Women will sometimes start to pre-label a relationship, and men run from that. Women want to jump right in. Ladies, step back and see if you really want to be with him. Does he have what you’re looking for?

Another thing women do is overanalyze, and men don’t. In the beginning, men might be calling a lot, pursuing the woman. All of a sudden, they start to pull back. When they do that, the woman thinks she did something wrong. No, it’s natural for him to start pulling back.

Another difference is that a lot of men want to be told what women want, and not be mind-readers. [Women want men to read their minds.]

Women say, “I can clean the house and run the kids to school and cook a meal, and I don’t get a thank you. Men take out the trash, and want a pat on the back. What’s up with that?” Ladies, think about the fact that you’re probably the only one giving men compliments, while women give each other compliments all the time.

Listen to the full episode to hear Camie’s take on:

  • How long do you recommend people wait to date after a divorce?
  • When do you recommend introducing the person you’re dating to your children?
  • What are some ways to stay safe and avoid danger while dating?

Check out Camie’s very popular guest post here on my blog:

10 Types of Dating Drama that Turn Off the Men You Like

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