Divorce Support and Valuable Insights

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divorce supportGreg Frank is the Co-Founder & CEO of DivorceForce.com. DivorceForce provides a safe and supportive community for anyone to navigate all aspects of divorce.

It’s a place where people can find each other in similar situations – geographically, socially and financially. People come to DivorceForce to ask advice, educate, find independent views and share experiences – both professional and personal.

DivorceForce assists you during a divorce and will enrich your life at the end of the process with tools, support, valuable insights and new friends.

Greg was my guest on Last First Date Radio, where he shared valuable advice about how to obtain divorce support: before, during, and after. Highlights of our show below.

Divorce Support and Valuable Insights

What do you see as the greatest need for people affected by divorce?

There are 2 basic needs.

One: There’s a lack of reliable resources for people going through divorce.

Two: People feel alone. There’s great value in talking with someone who has gone through the same circumstances. 

What do you see as the typical journey for someone going through divorce? Emotions, legal steps, timeframes?

Emotional: No two divorces are the same. There are a number of moving parts that make yours unique. Divorce is highly emotional. For some it’s positive, for others it’s devastating.

The person initiating the divorce is angry, bitter, the person on the other side could feel alone and upset. When you have such disparity in emotions, it can make it difficult for two people to communicate.

One of our core values is to help parents make better decisions and protect their children. Disparaging your spouse to your children, or doing anything that negatively affects the children is not okay.

Legal: Usually when you choose an attorney, you ask a friend. It’s not the wisest thing to do. Your emotions are running high and it may be hard to think clearly, so you rely on those closest to you for advice. From a legal perspective, you need to choose the right attorney, someone who has your best interest at heart, who is proficient in the laws of your county. 

We engineered 16 questions that we would have liked to have asked our attorneys at the first meeting. We allow our users to rate their attorneys. You can view an independent report of a person’s experience with an attorney. 

Time frame: If both sides have the ability to work together towards resolution, that’s ideal. If one side doesn’t want to negotiate and move forward, that affects the time frame. If there are significant assets, that also affects the divorce. If there are custody issues, that’s also going to affect the divorce. 

Do you help couples who can’t co-parent well after divorce?

Yes, we have open forums to discuss co-parenting and the effects of divorce on children.

We also have our own articles that we commission from therapists and law guardians to educate the community.

If you look at your own situation and realize you’ll have communication problems, find a way to communicate and keep a written record without being face to face. We utilize that technology in a family calendar on the site. 

If one of our listeners is having challenges navigating divorce, what do you recommend they do?

Get involved and reach out for the help you’re seeking. Come to the site. You can enter incognito. Read the forums. Ask questions. Provide answers to others. It’s critical to get involved. You need to get educated. Make sure you’re receiving the right financial and legal advice, have your documents prepared. Stay positive. Stay healthy. Take care of yourself. Reach out. 

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